In the Pratapgarh district of Uttar Pradesh, a court sentenced two people to the death penalty for kidnapping and raping a minor girl while pointing out the irony that in India women are considered goddesses, but still raped.

The Case

Two convicts, Haleem, an auto mechanic, and Rizwan, a tailor, were given the death penalty by the Uttar Pradesh court for brutally raping a minor girl. The judgement called the accused “male vampires” and stated, “they forcibly entered the temple-like body of a minor girl and tried to demolish the same.”

The judgement also said that no kind of punishment would be enough for the kind of crime that they have committed.  The judgement came on 2nd November when Pankaj Kumar Srivastava, the Additional District Sessions Judge of the POCSO Court said, “A woman’s body is like a temple and a woman alone can decide who can enter in it, nobody has the right to force her.”

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Rarest Of Rare Case

Calling it a “rarest of the rare case”, the court said that these men first brutally raped her and then threw her near the railway track assuming that she was dead. The victim has sustained injuries on her head and face deformation due to which she lost the eyesight of her left eye for a lifetime.

In the ten-page-long order, the court also mentioned that the rape convicts have injured her arms, legs, and thighs, and fractured her right knee.

Judge Srivastava said, “This act shows mental bankruptcy and the kind of thinking they have towards women and to what extent they can go… It is beyond comprehension why these men were treating the minor like an animal because such cruelty is not committed even against animals (sic).”

The Irony

Calling the crime heinous cruelty, the judge said, “It’s a strange irony that in a country like India which worships goddesses like Durga for shakti, Saraswati for knowledge and has [had] women holding the positions of President, Prime Minister, Chief Minister, and Governor, a minor has been gang-raped with such heinous cruelty, raises a question on the entire social structure.”

The court further said that it is essential to give such severe punishments to rape convicts so that every parent is not scared for their lives and lives fearlessly. He also said, “Whenever the survivor will look at herself in the mirror, she will feel sorry as to why was she (sic) born as a daughter in this world. People die once, the survivor will die thousands, million times.”  

The accused have been booked for gang rape, kidnapping, attempt to kill, and other sections under the Indian Penal Code and POCSO Act. While confirming the death sentence for the accused people, they called the case rarest of the rare as they deformed the victim’s face completely.

The judge hopes that the victim is able to forget the incident and lead a good life and not end her life through cowardly acts like suicide.

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