September 19: With the surge in the publishing industry and the easy to easier publishing opportunities for indie authors, we see hordes of books across the genre flooding the market with fancy cover designs and titles. This trend, although perceived as a boon to aspiring writers and budding authors, has made the readers wary twice in the case of new pens. They now have learned to see beyond and between the covers before making a purchase.

In our endeavour to pick the best among the lot, the book ‘Women & Their World-Tales of love, loss and survival ( ‒by Varunika Rajput particularly caught our attention. It principally deals with a subject as tender as women and various typically feminine attributes. It is a collection of seven poignant short stories, each unique in its own merit. Considering the positive critique and the reviews on various platforms, it seems the debutant author is ready to stir the literary world of contemporary fiction with her title.

Born and brought up in Nainital, Varunika has had a childhood frolicking in the laps of Himalayan foothills under the minty Deodars and Pines. Inadvertently, as it may be, her sheer fondness for the land reflects in her stories.

Along with a degree in Agriculture, Varunika also holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Management. She bid adieu to corporate life early in her career and chose the field of education. She has worked closely with several educational institutions as a management faculty, communication, and life skills trainer. 

However, Varunika believes it is Motherhood that has taught her the most. She enjoys her weekend in the company of a good book, her camaraderie with a pen, and the smell of freshly baked cakes in her oven. An ardent blogger, she frequently pens her thoughts on her site, ‘The Lotus Flower Diary.’ In addition, she is also a celebrated blogger on ‘Momspresso,’ earning herself a special spot through her simple and soulful write-ups.

In her book, she talks about women, no matter how successful; discrimination and inequality confront them every day in their life. They face violence, abuse and unequal treatment at home, at work and in their wider communities, not to mention denied opportunities to learn, earn and lead. They have fewer resources, less power and less influence than men and can experience further inequality because of their class, ethnicity and age, as well as religious and other fundamentalism.

Amidst all, how different women respond differently outlines the concept of this book. With its fictional characters, the book attempts to interpret multifarious women in our lives. The stories the author has carved out with her character are a classic blend of feelings, emotions and sheer courage.

While ‘Mummy Ji Goes To Thailand’ Portrays a woman who upholds her courage to stand her ground in confronting irrational societal tenets. ‘Ravan’ depicts the ugly burden of our social stigma crushing the tender feminity under it. ‘Cutting Chai’ is another classic example of a modern woman trying to wriggle out of the severity of the rudiments of our cultural shackles. The stories with well-carved-out characters seem just right in length and bring out their own flavour and texture very different from one another.

The book speaks volumes about the author’s ability to paint and portray feminine instincts and emotions. The crisp clarity of the narrative literally makes it unputdownable. Varunika Rajput has adroitly summed up the concept with an apt and axiomatic title. Through her distinct characterisation, we get to see many aspects of a woman. There is something clever she did with her pen as a writer, portraying different emotions and attributes through various characters under various circumstances arising in day-to-day life.

Varunika lives in Mumbai with her two gregarious girls and her husband, happily juggling the roles of a mother, wife, and writer. You can get in touch with the author through her media handles : (Insta: varunikarajput)



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