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With A Multidisciplinary Approach, Ahmed Alawadhi, The Real-Estate Luminary, Plans To Go Global!


At the age of 38, a leading name in the real estate market, Ahmed Alawadhi, an Arab-American, has established his grandeur and got a firm hold in the entire arena. The CEO of two par-excellent firms- Silverline real estate prominent in Dubai, UAE, and  AM properties Michigan, in the USA he has exhibited his prowess and brilliance in the discipline.
Stepping into this line of work in 2004, he engendered AM properties and then acquired numerous procurements leading to the formulation of a strengthened real estate development company in Michigan with regard to the residential projects. After procuring the Michigan real estate market, he ventured and explored the North Carolina market and with his consummate skillset, won  the retail and commercial markets in the Fayetteville area, NC. On his pathway to engender the second firm- Silverline in Dubai, Ahmed successfully put forth a large real estate portfolio for elevated net worth clients and investment banks.
An out-of-the-box approach with an unparalleled mindset, Ahmed did not limit himself and went on to procure more. Having a bachelor’s degree in International Business And Marketing and a Masters degree in Business Management from renowned universities. With over the top negotiation skills and leadership skills, Ahmed’s skills vouch for his escalated splendor.
An excursionist, Ahmed is a social butterfly and adores traveling. He always seeks out opportunities inculcating luxurious travel. A food-lover as well, Ahmed loves capturing beauty in the lenses of his camera. He’s counted among the top 1% reviewers on ‘tripadvisor’. A generous personality, he is an opportunist and has effectuated plans to expand his business all around the globe. Venturing into unexplored arenas, he soon would procure and establish himself in other countries around the orb as well!
From the connoisseur himself-“I am an international investor, real-estate developer and provide consultancy services and a lot more. I corroborate those who share a common interest and like to explore novel stuff. I seek opportunities to invest internationally and prepare grounds for myself and others to grow”. A visionary, he has been admirable and commendable.
We wish him a high-soaring success and hope he remains as ambitious as ever.
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