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Windows 10 – A Review


Microsoft is a name synonymous with personal computing. To put it brusquely, Microsoft is to PC’s what Osama Bin Laden is to terrorism. With the doling out of Microsoft’s newest product already begun, it is time to see if they have pulled a Vista or an XP.

In a market filled with cut throat competition and rapid technological advancements, can Microsoft maintain its hold at the top of the pyramid?

Will Microsoft retain its existing customers, and create new ones in the process? It all hinges on the success of trusty old Windows.

What is at stake for Microsoft?

Microsoft has long been an important player in the Operating System market. It has been a long journey since Bill Gates and Paul Allen created and pioneered MS-DOS in a ramshackle office. Microsoft has certainly come a long way from its humble beginnings and is now easily one of the biggest names in personal computing.


Starting from Windows 1 and all the way to Windows 8, there have been many failures and successes, but what has always stood fast is the commitment of Microsoft to change with the times. There are times when the success of a product hangs on a very thin line, and the launch of Windows 10 is one of those times.

Will the Windows 10 OS be able to redeem Microsoft and help the tech giant to gain a foothold in a competitive market? We can only know that when the consumer feedback comes back. Till then, all we can do is speculate.

Windows 10 – Features

Start Menu Yes, designed in a more dynamic way
Theme Darker than previous versions (Customizable)
Multitasking Vastly Improved, with Snap effects
Cortana Microsoft’s answer to SIRI
Browser Edge (I will suggest sticking with Chrome or Firefox though, because they are still better). The edge has certain problems loading older pages, and Internet Explorer is required in some cases.
Apps A whole new array of Apps ranging from Xbox streaming to Microsoft Maps. The new Calendar and Photos App are also getting rave reviews
Cost Free of cost for a year from launch. Yes, free. However, the retail value after one year is expected to be 119$.
Minesweeper Yes, we thought you’d never ask.

A Glimpse of Windows 10


The thing most noticeable about Microsoft’s various software releases is the regularity with which there is a cycle of success and failure. Windows XP saved us from Microsoft ME, Windows 7 saved humanity from whatever Windows Vista was supposed to be, and now Windows 10 has arrived to save us from the decrepit Windows 8.

In my opinion as a long time Windows user and the best Pinball Space Cadet player in West Delhi, Windows 10 is here to stay. The promised capabilities look really top notch, and they have already been through many checkups and tests, before it is doled out to the consumer.


As the famous saying goes, a Windows 10 in the hand is worth two in the bush, and it would be a shame not to at least give the latest Windows products a chance. If you are the kind of person who clicks on ‘I Agree’ without reading the 563 page Terms and Conditions before installing a product, then Windows 10 is for you.

Windows 10 is here to stay, and while not introducing any radically phenomenal changes, has given the consumers much to talk about.

Manaved Nambiar
Manaved Nambiar
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