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Will The Masses Understand Biswa’s Time Travel Cabs Video? : ED Review


Time travel is fiction’s favorite theme and its always intriguing to the audience even if they don’t get it. Like most of the Interstellar movie, for instance. But Biswa’s take on time travel was exceptionally brilliant, if you know what time-travel scientifically means.

The video ‘Time Travel Cabs – Biswa Kalyan Rath’ is a short piece of sketch comedy by standup comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath. For those of you living under a rock, Biswa is an IIT-KGP alumnus who hit big fame with his partner Kanan Gill through their incredibly famous and viral video series called ‘Pretentious Movie Reviews’.

A still from Biswa and Kanan's Pretentious Movie Reviews
A still from Biswa and Kanan’s Pretentious Movie Reviews

His newest venture is in the field of sketch comedies yielded some creative and humorous results. Here’s a summarized version of that. SPOILER ALERT!!!

The Woo’s:

  • The time travel jokes! Points to Biswa for devising such an amazing script. Here’s one excerpt from a scene where a passenger asks Biswa to speed up, to which he answers:


Light ki speed pe toh ja rahe hain, aur tez jayenge toh mass badh nahi jayega? Fir boliyega mat ke humara mass badha dia dariver, humara dimension tedha kar dia dariver’ [Translation: I’m already travelling with the speed of light, if I’ll go any faster then won’t your mass increase? Then don’t blame me by saying my mass got increased, driver, my dimension got distorted, driver]

  • The inclusion of important phenomenon concerning time-travel such as The Big Bang, expansion of multiverses and other paradoxes, all were made with twists of hilarity.
  • Biswa’s accent and delivery as an Indian cab driver was spot on.
  • The appearances from Galileo, Santa Claus, Rabrindranath Tagore, Socrates, Gandalf, Osho, Dumbledore, Karl Marx and Asharam Bapu were hands down one of the funniest bits in comedy ever.


The Meh’s:

  • If the word ‘universe expansion’ generates an image of the earth ‘stretching’, in your mind, then its hard for you get 95% of the video and that’s the only downside of the video.

Biswa with his quirky sense of humor

Now since I got most of the puns and jokes in the video, I completely loved it. Biswa knew how to tickle the funny bone of astronomy enthusiasts and did a fab job at that.

Here’s the link to the video:

Even with a number of science puns, it was still funny for my 14-year-old sister just because Biswa’s physical comedy is not shabby either.

His background in engineering was reflected dynamically with Time Travel Cabs. The jokes were hysterical and the sketch was downright amazing. I’d give it 4 and a half stars.


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