The decision of Apple to have some of the latest iPhone 15 phones being manufactured in India was hailed as a big success for the country.

The fact that as per reports the made in India units were going to be sold on the launch day itself as opposed to later on was also making waves. But it seems that this seems to have caused some people on the Chinese internet to not be very happy as reportedly there is a boycott campaign going on around the iPhone 15 units manufactured in India.

What Does The Thread Reveal?

On September 22nd, a journalist named Wenhao posted a long thread on the social media platform “X”(formerly Twitter) pointing out how there was a boycott campaign going around the made in India iPhone 15 phones among the Chinese netizens.

He wrote “For the past week or so, India has become a target of misinformation, contempt and racist jokes on China’s internet for its growing role in Apple’s manufacturing network. Ahead of the new iPhone release on Friday, some netizens are calling for boycotting India-made iPhone 15s.”

He posted several screenshots from the Chinese social media platform Weibo, where netizens are seen mocking and trolling the iPhone units manufactured in India, leaning into racist and prejudiced jokes, blatantly demeaning those phones and questioning their quality simply because they are made in India.

Wenhao also pointed out several fake news and misinformation that have been going around the Indian-manufactured iPhone 15 units in the Chinese online sector.

He claimed that one misinformation going around is that Europe has found the Indian iPhones lacking in quality and rejected them.

He wrote that overall they all seem to be saying that “iPhones made in India could not pass Europe’s standard. So China-made ones were sent to replace them and India-made iPhones were instead sent to China.”

Although he could not find any validity to the claims, but the origin of the fake news seems to come from “a blogger/commentator on Weibo. The account’s claim includes very specific numbers, stating that only 34% of India-made iPhones passed Europe’s quality test.”

He added “Some even wrote that the best way to identify India-made iPhones is to smell it. Others made fun of India-made iPhones being dirty because they say Indian people don’t use toilet paper.”

Wenhao in the thread also pointed out that a derogatory term for Indian people “Ah San” (阿三) has been frequently used in these posts.

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An example of a trending hashtag on Weibo is the “#国内买新机可能收到印度iPhone#” which when translated through Google means “#If you buy a new phone in China, you may receive an iPhone made in India#”.

Another report by India Today has posted screenshots of posts from Weibo and used Google translate for what they are saying.

Image Credits: India Today
Image Credits: India Today
Image Credits: India Today

Apparently, it started from the Bloomberg report titled “Apple to Sell Made-in-India iPhones on Launch Day for First Time” which was used to make the claim that the Indian made iPhone 15 would be launched exclusively in China while the Chinese version would be sold only in the European and American markets.

Another alleged claim that was being sent around was how 50% of the iPhone 15 phones that were made in India had been returned, even though there is no verification of this.

According to reports, however, China Daily, a Chinese mainstream state media posted about how officials at Apple Inc. have debunked these claims and clearly stated that the claims are not true.

The Indian-manufactured iPhones are not just for the Chinese market and neither are the China-made iPhones only for the European and American markets. The report by China Daily also claimed that India’s total iPhone production is still very minor only coming to 7% while China still has the majority of 90% share in iPhone manufacturing.

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