Will Liverpool finally break their never ending run of winless PL campaigns? Will Liverpool Finally Win The Premier League?

United fans have been forever taunting their biggest rivals for not being able to win even a single championship in the past 25 years. Liverpool is traditional an European and Domestic powerhouse and seeing their downfall is not pleasing to a fan.

Being a United fan, I do want Liverpool to fail but then I also want my rival to be one of the best so that when we play against them, the match should be billed as the match between super giants and not just giants.

That is what makes the El Clasico the best in the world.

Without much ado, let us look at the reasons that will define Liverpool’s season this year.

Offensive Quality- Yes

There’s no denying the fact that Liverpool has a weak defence but at the same time, it has probably the best attacking forward line in PL. If a team scores 3 goals against them in a match, they can still outscore them. They have a plethora of options as well. Mane, Sturridge, Salah, Firmino, Coutinho, Solanke, Lallana are some of the marquee ones along with rookies like Woodburn. Anfield has all the resources to mount a serious challenge given the high-quality offensive prowess at hand.

Intent- Yes

Klopp certainly showed in the summer that Liverpool will no longer be the selling club who used to manufacture players for the top notch clubs in the world. Unlike earlier where they had sold the likes of Torres and Suarez, they stuck on to Coutinho who is arguably their best player and refused to budge to both the players and Barca’s demand.

From a player’s point of view, Liverpool may b wrong but as a club, it showed that it is here to compete with the best.

Defence- No

As much as I love watching Liverpool play, it irks to see their defence concede sloppy goals week in week out. As mentioned earlier, if PL were to be decided solely on the basis of attack, they would have probably won the PL quite a number of times but it is the defence that wins the league and not attacks. Liverpool is very well aware of their Achilles heel but they haven’t done anything in the transfer market to cure it.

Added Pressure Of Playing In CL

The last time Liverpool came close to winning the PL was when they weren’t the part of CL. Even last year, they had performed considerably well for the major part of the season and they weren’t a part of CL. Liverpool is a historic club who should be a part of CL each and every year but the added pressure of playing in CL has never brought out the best in them. Gone are the years when they used to be CL favourites. The reality is that they have won just a League Cup in the past decade and the prospect of playing on the highest stage will only derail their PL campaign.

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Squad Strength- Much Better Than Previous Years

If Sadio Mane had not gone onto play African Cup Of nations last season,  Liverpool should have won their first ever league. The fact they couldn’t replace an attacking player did their undoing last year. Similarly, they could not cope with the loss of Suarez which derailed their PL for a year or so. Losing a single vital player either through injury, transfer or some other reason shouldn’t be the reason for failure in a whole season.

Liverpool is better equipped to deal with such scenarios. They have a rich vein of attacking talent and no player is indispensable to the club as such.

I personally believe that after United, Liverpool should be the ones to win the league. City and Chelsea are the overwhelming favourites to do better than Liverpool but something tells me which is backed by logical reasons that this year might finally be their year.

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