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Virat All In Support For Anushka Post Twitter Attacks…He’s A True Gentleman, On The Pitch And Beyond


Here’s a salute to Virat Kohli. The gentleman who wears his attitude on his sleeves is making people go gaga with his magic on the field and his magic and respect for people close to him ever on the social platform. His love for cricket and the country makes him lift his bat and fingers with equal gusto. Virat Kohli proved his prowess as the best Cricketer in the world and brought home a next-to-impossible victory against Australia.


But what exactly went wrong amidst all the celebration!

The social media was all praises for Virat Kohli but there was something really, really wrong in the way our people were celebrating his victory. His ex-girlfriend Anushka Sharma became the center of all jokes. Whether India won or lost, every time Virat has played a match, Anushka Sharma has been targeted hinting at how she’s always been a dark cloud over his career. It’s been quite a transition for the 27-year-old brilliant Indian cricketer who’s actually playing his tricky shots on the field. The all new Virat Kohli is in form and has been performing well even after a sad heartbreak. But what’s making him the talk of the town is not just his heartbreak… Asia Cup wasn’t that lucky for him but he made us all forget about his performance there. His wild rage in the matches against Pakistan, Bangladesh and Australia has been TREMENDOUS!


Anushka Sharma has been constantly trolled due to her association with Virat Kohli. Cricket fanatics have gone as far as to blame her for Virat’s poor performances on the cricket field, calling her a distraction, especially during the ICC World Cup 2015. Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are no longer a couple, but that hasn’t silenced the trolls.

After giving an amazing performance in the India vs Australia T20 match on Sunday, the Twitterati, as expected, raised its ugly face and labeled Anushka bad luck for Virat and Team India. Virat got furious with such messages and took to social media to express his anger at the baseless trolls. He shared a picture on Instagram; he said that people should be ashamed of themselves for making fun Anushka who has been nothing but a source of positivity for him.


Ever since the news of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli break-up did rounds, a lot of crap about Anushka has been observed– she’s been blamed for his losses, and there have been a ton of jokes and memes at her expense. While people have taken it in good humour, Virat doesn’t find it funny at all. The cricketer just took to his Instagram to post a photo that has ‘SHAME’ written across it, and in the caption wrote a message slamming everyone for connecting “every negative thing to her.”

ED is happy for Virat standing up for the women he loved or still loves. Getting up to such cheap tricks will never take media anywhere. Let the Young lad enjoy his victory and sleep in peace and joy about his victory.

So, here’s a tip. If you’re tired of such ridiculous memes and stories that bring people down tune into Economy Decoded for unbiased and non-demeaning news!



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