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Why Is Twitter Mocking One Of The Masterchef Australia Judges After They Decided To Quit The Show?


After 11 long years, Masterchef Australia is bidding goodbye to its 3 iconic judges George Calombaris, Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan. 

Network 10 announced that the finale to the 11th season will be the final episode for the all 3 judges. 

The news was shocking to many since the 3 have been with the show ever since it began and are seen as the face of the show. 

The reason for their quitting it is actually not that serious and just a case of not enough payment. 

Paul Anderson, the CEO of Network 10 said that the company and the trio could not reach a “commercial agreement”. 

Apparently, the judges wanted a 40% increase in their salary as judges for the show which the company could not afford at the moment.

Wondering Who The Next Judges Will Be?

The social media is already wondering who the next judges will be and offering their own preferences.

One of the most mentioned chef, Adam Liaw even tweeted about this frenzy and how he had till yet not heard anything from Masterchef officials.

Liaw who won Masterchef Season 2 in 2010 said that,

“I’ve had about 30 different interview requests in the past half hour about the MasterChef judges leaving, so to save trouble: 1. I know nothing about this beyond what’s online; and 2. I am at the pool with my kids so I am unlikely to agree to an interview in my smugglers.”

Although people are nostalgic about the former judges, it also seems they are waiting for some new fresh faces. 

Some are even saying it could be a good time to bring light to some indigenous chefs of Australia.

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Mocking One Of Them For Quitting?

If the news of all the 3 judges quitting the show after such a long time was not shocking enough, the mocking of one of them online was. 

Apparently, one of them; George Calombaris to be specific was being mocked online quite a bit for quitting the show.

It is said that he has basically stolen and underpaid his employees with dues being well over 7.8 million dollars. One of the Australian law firms even tweeted about it. 

Frankly, no one knows what really happened, but what we do know is that the show will never be the same again, without the trio! 

Will you still watch it? Let us know. 

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Indian Express, Yahoo, Business Standard

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