This article would have been about the opposition’s lethargic stand against the RTI Amendment act, but unlike most mainstream media channels, we decided to dig up and we found out who really is lethargic.

Today, the opposition, along with RTI activists went on a strike against the RTI Amendment Act 2019 in front of India Gate.

If you are unaware, I absolutely do not blame you.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to call our mainstream news channels biased and preposterous. I would dare not call it sold, stating India’s 144th rank in Global Press Freedom.

All I’m trying to do is to understand what could have possibly gone wrong that our elite news channels didn’t consider the RTI Amendment act an issue important enough to hold a debate for.

The nation wants to know!

Is Media Threatened By RTI?

Most of the owners of the biggest media houses in India have strong political connections or are themselves a part of the political system.

This gives them quite an incentive to let RTI amendment be passed in a hushed voice so that a veil could continue to be drawn between the people and the power structures.

RTI is also responsible for exposing corruption cases in India and we just can’t vouch for honest, unbiased journalism in India. Can we?

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Why Do We Need Support From Journalists In Opposing The Act?

Ever since its inclusion in 2005, RTI has always been a threat to the power structures in India. RTI has revealed some of the biggest scams and shortened the distance between the government and the common man.

It has literally shifted the narrative from “mai-baap wali sarkaar” to “mera paisa mera hisab” in India’s political scenario.

RTI is an extended version of our Right To Expression, mentioned in the list of Fundamental Rights. One cannot express unless he/she is informed and thus it comes across as one of the most basic rights.

With the kind of huge majority that the NDA government holds, it is impossible to oppose them. It gives them an undue advantage of exploiting their powers and misuse it.

In scenarios like this, a common man would look up to the opposition which has not just been weak in numbers but also its zeal.

However, this time, the opposition that was itself exposed by the RTI, has come out strongly against its amendment, joining hands with activists to hold strikes and protests. It even walked out of the parliament when the bill got passed.

This effort by the opposition would be futile if it doesn’t get strong backing from media and common men. Therefore, when media chooses to remain hushed in the matter and not get all worked up as it does on a typical “Hindu vs Muslim” issue, an uninformed citizen would never know that his basic democratic rights are under threat.

If you think this is just a small amendment, I want you to re-think and understand that fourteen years back we were bestowed with the RTI because of those who chose to struggle.

We might not understand what it cost them or the RTI officers who had to lose their lives in order to reveal the dark face of Indian politics, but we need to understand that the future of Indian democracy depends on those who live and so here’s our time to speak.

Sources: Newslaundary, Economic Times, India Today

Image Source: Google Images

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