Celebrities seem to fall into two categories online: those who make excessive use of social media, and those who avoid it like the plague.

In the first category, we find one of the forerunners to be India’s very own Amitabh Bachchan, the Big B, who has been a force to reckon with on the Internet for many years, first with his blog, and then with Twitter.

Big B is extremely popular on social media.
Sometimes, his weirder tweets get him trolled.

Taking Social Media Too Seriously

However, in recent times, it appears that Big B is taking certain minor developments too much to heart.

Recently, Sr. Bachchan was demoted from No. 2 on the “most followed Indians of Twitter” list (he was right behind PM Modi) to No.3, with none other than Shah Rukh Khan taking his place.

Following this event, Big B tweeted his displeasure in his reduced number of followers, and quipped that it was time to “get rid” of Twitter and that there were “many other fish in the sea”.

Big B lashes out at Twitter

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Childish Behaviour

Several users were rather surprised by this seemingly juvenile outburst, and are of the opinion that it was a tweet in bad taste.

Considering Big B’s seniority in the Hindi film industry (which far outweighs SRK’s), was it unnecessary to set so much store by the number of followers he has on a social media site?

Why should such an eminent personality worry so much about being unfollowed on Twitter?

Excessive Self Promotion

Another thing some of Sr. Bachchan’s followers on social media have noticed is that he has the tendency to post a picture of himself with almost every tweet- even if the picture has nothing to do with the tweet itself.

Big B posts his own pictures with unrelated Tweets

This seems like a rather puzzling exercise, as it’s not like he’s a rising star who needs to actively market his image in order to be taken seriously.

Er…OK, Sir.

However, considering the likes of newer celebs like Kim Kardashian and her use of Snapchat and Instagram, it can be said that social media for celebrities has become less about actually communicating and expressing views, and more about adding to their existing marketing machinery. So from this point of view, the barrage of pics can be understood.

Big B often retweets appreciation posts from his fans.
Big B tends to be a bit of an oversharer at times…

There are also some adorable moments when Big B morphs into one of us and displays his softer, Internet-addicted side by sharing cute animal videos and doggo vines.

Cute fluffball appreciation post, courtesy Sr Bachchan.

Big B, please don’t set so much store by mere numbers (of followers)! You are far above such petty worries. We the fans look up to you tremendously, and at times, wish you would behave as befitting your stature on social media.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: The Quint, India Today, Aaj Tak

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