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While the whole nepotism debate has been covered by everyone with a mouth or a keyboard, it’s important to also point out that there have been many superstars who have made it big without a (god)father in the film industry. The biggest name among them to have emerged in the modern era is Shah Rukh Khan.

Every other major actor has either been a star kid, or a model. In both cases, pure acting talent has had little role to play.

Star kids, because they come from insider families.

Models, because of their looks. True, models work hard to get and retain their physical appearance, but that still does not mean they have ”acting” talent.

To support this thought – why don’t star kids and models become singers, scriptwriters or choreographers? Simple – because these professions require a clear and obvious talent, unlike, ahem, acting.

When a film is a hit, the actors, the director, the scriptwriter, all get their share of credit (actors get the biggest chunk, but that’s a different debate).

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When a film flops, the director or the scriptwriter is blamed.

You will never hear someone say, “Oh, Yuvraaj flopped. Salman Khan ne kya ghonchu acting ki hai.”

But you will hear many say, “Typical Bollywood movie, no script, what a waste.”

Because it’s understood and agreed – Salman Khan will always give a ghonchu performance.

Arijit Singh has played a bigger role in making Ae Dil Hai Mushkil a hit than perhaps Ranbir Kapoor.

But the larger share of credit will always go to the latter because of the newest N word the world hates – Nepotism.

And who gives them all this credit? The answer will shock you.

It’s you.

While the whole nepotism debate has been covered by everyone with a mouth or a keyboard, it's important to also point…

Posted by Abhijit Chakraborty on 21 जुलै 2017

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