Everyone has had some terrible experiences of working in group projects. There was a time when I thought I was the only one who is having a terrible time but only when I started talking to people from other groups did I realise that it’s not just me. Every group has a certain prototype problem with how they are functioning.

Although everyone is different in a way but human behaviour doesn’t really change. There are particular kinds of people that one can find across groups, colleges, courses, projects, and ages.

Every group has someone who dominates the project right from the beginning and refuses to listen to others.

Someone who doesn’t say a word and is quietly doing all the execution.

Someone who doesn’t do shit and takes all the credit because of their big talk.

Someone whom everyone feels like murdering whenever they open their mouth.

Someone who has an ego bigger than their height.

Someone who has to interrupt just for the heck of it.

Someone who just doesn’t listen.

And the list goes on….

I thought I was the only one having such a horrendous time but only when I spoke to people from other groups, I realized that it is a common problem. And I was glad! However evil that sounds!

But that has made my sail easier in a lot of group projects.

So in part of ED’s VoxPop, I asked people, what it is exactly that they hate about group projects? And the Pandora’s Box of all the bottled up emotions opened up!

However bad, group projects prepare you for the longer run. They help you deal with people of all kinds without letting them get on your nerves.

You learn how to get work done or if not anything else, then at least maybe you learn whether you are meant for group projects or are you a lone wolf!

Design Credits: Rishabh Patel

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