Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit and turned literally every single person’s life upside down, there have been a lot of changes we’ve seen in our environment.

One of them would be the employee and employer relationship, which has seen one of the biggest shifts in recent times. From the entire world, reports are pouring in of mass resignations in practically every industry, but most prominently in the hospitality sector.

Then there are employee expectations that have risen quite a bit, where people are no longer ready to work for the bare minimum or be happy with a company trying to mislead them with fancy sounding perks that turn out to be nothing really.

Recently, WhiteHate Jr is in the news when almost a whopping 800 employees of theirs decided to resign. But what was the reason for this mass resignation?

Why Did They Quit?

WhiteHat Jr is a Byju’s owned ed-tech startup that was acquired by the latter in 2020 for almost $300 million. The company is in the news right now because it recently asked all of its employees to return back to work from office in a month’s duration.

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WhiteHat Jr Employees

Apparently, this was a wrong move since as per an Inc42 report since the announcement over 800 employees resigned from the company. The biggest reason for this is the compulsory work from office that the company is demanding and the employees not wanting to again relocate to their respective office locations.

The employees are varied in departments, ranging from sales, coding and math and more. As per reports, some employees believe this to be a cost-cutting move while others are not happy with the amount of time given to relocating, terming it to be too short.

Some others are also unhappy that the company has not increased their pay to accommodate the relocation expenses they will have to bear.

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