In a recent promotional event of the film Judgemental Hain Kya in Mumbai, Kangana Ranaut got into a heated argument with a journalist for giving negative reviews to her film ‘Manikarnika’.

While slamming accusations against the journalist of having run a smear campaign against her, she refused to answer his questions specifically.

Are Kangana’s Accusations True?

The flared-up in the event was witnessed when a PTI journalist by the name Justin Rao introduced himself.

Kangana Ranaut landed herself in a controversy after she told the journalist, “Tum mere baare mei kitni gandi Gandi baatein likhte ho. Jingoistic bolte ho. Itni gandi soch laate kahan se ho?

The entire reference was to the video byte that was shared by Justin recording the reply of Kangana Ranaut while being asked about her double standards in bashing actresses like Shabana Azmi for holding any cultural exchange with Pakistan post-Pulwama attacks whereas her film was released in the country.

Kangana went on to clarify that the journalist had personally texted her as she had been interviewed in the past by him.

She also mentions the fact that they had lunch for 3 hrs in the van.

Justin denies texting and having lunch with Kangana and this has made me believe whether her accusations about everything have a moral high ground.

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Was Kangana Being Candid About The Movie Review?

The film staff usually sign up for both the negative and positive reviews of the movie that has been duly critiqued and received well.

Kangana Ranaut was acting edgy about doses of bad reviews of her previous films, which was pretty unusual when you have agreed to promotional duties.

Secondly, no one can buy a favorable review by having lunch or sharing a van ride together.

Kangana was certainly not being candid with the journalist, least of all!

Is Kangana Ranaut A Compulsive Liar?

Kangana Ranaut and her team have been known to propagate fake news for cheap traction to her brand. 

Remember the head-over-heels love story between Hrithik and her where she mentioned that she got engaged to Hrithik in Paris!

Hrithik’s passport proved that he wasn’t even in Paris at that time.

Right from morphing her pictures with Hrithik to prove their affair to blasting Adhyayan Suman for calling her a witch, it’s high time we see how she is manipulating the general opinion for all the wrong reasons.

I am jumping the bandwagon and labeling her as a liar because she has been exposed multiple times lacking concrete evidence.

Even in this case when the journalist asked for the screenshot of the text she claimed he had sent her, she had no response.

The press shall always stand up for the right to truth as truth doesn’t belong only to men and women occupying powerful positions in the society.

And I wilfully support Justin Rao in standing his ground at such times when the freedom of the press is under attack worldwide.

Sources: India Today, Hindustan Times, and others

Feature image credits: Deeksha

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