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The academic session of 2018-19 is coming to an end with the arrival of the final exams conducted by Delhi University.

There is a mix of excitement and anxiousness in the air for all the students on campus. With the preparations for their last exams, third year students are also gearing up to graduate and score possible placements.

In an effort to surmise all those memorable moments of college, the faculty and the student body partake in a formal goodbye, known as the farewell.

What Are Delhi University College Farewells?

A farewell is the desi version of prom minus all the fun and illicit activities because after all, we’re in India. The event usually comprises of professors and students making rehearsed speeches about what their college has taught them and provided them with.

These mundane, run-of-the-mill speeches which are recited every year are nothing special and serve no other purpose than to prolong the whole affair.

In practice, farewells are just another opportunity to look pretty and document the whole affair on social media.

Why Farewells Are The Mother Of Inconveniences

Farewells are also an excuse to empty your monthly allowance in one go. Outstation students usually buy or rent a sari for the evening and end up paying 3,000-4,000 rupees for one evening.

Along with the outfit, expenses are incurred on accessories such as shoes, clutch, jewelry and what not.

Additional costs are paid for primping in salons and parlors. As a result, people are put under massive amounts of pressure to look their best for one insignificant evening.

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Farewells Feed Into Rigid Notions Of Beauty

The actual event itself is blander than any other college event with bad food and even worse activities such as the distribution of titles and a fashion show to further glorify and cement rigid notions of beauty. There are specific criteria designed for handing out these titles.

Farewell at Gargi College
Farewell at Gargi College

Students contesting for these titles have to perform a series of tasks. These tasks include walking the ramp, having a good sense of general knowledge, and modeling for the audience.

The reason why I find farewells so distasteful is the unbending dress code of saris and tux. Although it is a formal event, students should be allowed to wear comfortable attire.

To further supplicate just how redundant farewells are, it is important to remember that there are after parties organized by students to have some real fun.

These are the parties that students look forward to the most, with their own close group of friends to relax and have fun with.

Furthermore, graduation trips are organized and students travel to nearby places like Mcleodganj and Goa for a couple of days. Such trips and parties are far more memorable than an evening of formalities for show.

Hence, I think it is safe to say that farewells are more for the college itself, rather than for the students.

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