The Chinese embassy in New Delhi issued “stapled visas” to three wushu (Martial Arts) players from Arunachal Pradesh who were scheduled to compete in the World University Games, which begin on Friday in Chengdu, prompting a furious reaction from the Indian government. 

Stapled visas

Why Did China Issue Them?

It is unclear why China provided stapled visas to the Arunachal Pradesh athletes. However, the Chinese government claims that these ‘stapled visas’ are provided to Indian residents from Arunachal Pradesh because the state is not recognized as part of India.

This is not the first time such ‘stapled visas’ have been issued to Arunachal Pradesh residents. Athletes from the region have previously been denied visas for international tournaments such as the 2011 Asian Karate Championships and the 2011 Youth World Archery Championship.

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India On Issue Of Stapled Visas 

China issued stapled visas to three of India’s players: Nyeman Wangsu, Onilu Tega, and Mepung Lamgu. The Ministry of External Affairs condemned China’s actions as “unacceptable,” summoning the Chinese ambassador to India to “lodge a protest.”

What Are Stapled Visas? 

A stapled visa is a piece of unstamped paper that is merely stapled to a page or pinned to the passport. It is not like a standard visa, which is fastened to or stamped on the passport by the issuing country. 

A stapled visa, unlike a conventional visa, does not leave a permanent mark on the passport and does not provide confirmation of the passport holder’s trip. Furthermore, the paper can be readily withdrawn or separated from the passport.

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