Why Bhagat Singh Cannot Be Linked With BJP

While casually browsing the Internet I noticed that many BJP supporters and allegedly, “bhakts” were also the supporters of the great martyr, Bhagat Singh. In fact, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP themselves have shown their tribute to Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, and Rajguru on different occasions.

I, eventually, also came to realise that most of the people only know about Bhagat Singh as an extremist who gave up his life for the nation and that’s it. It is this same ignorance that is being milked by the BJP to make a historical icon being represented as theirs.

Firstly, it is to be rightly assumed that if Bhagat Singh was alive today, he would have easily been termed as an “anti national” by the BJP and its supporters. The reason being the drastic difference in ideology backing them and also, the history behind it.

Religious views

The people being proud of Bhagat Singh due to his religious background need to calm themselves, as he was an atheist. He elaborates his views on being an atheist in his famous essay “Why I Am An Atheist”. He believed revolution to be above the religion.

Many people support Bhagat Singh due to a wrongly glorified image of him which is linked to his religious environment, disseminated by popular songs written about him. While, a legend like Bhagat Singh deserves all the respect but that respect should be endeared by his terrific courage and sheer love for the revolution, not for the wrong reasons.

The essay goes on to explain things which clearly contradicts the views of the supporters of Hindutva ideology.

Harmonious co-existence

Bhagat Singh believed in a harmonious co existence of the people of all faiths and religions. The same co existence which if discussed in the present status quo the term of “an anti national” would be stuck up your forehead.

This, again, is the reason why such opposite views cannot be kept in the same mouth.

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Socialist ideology

Towards the end of his life, Bhagat Singh declared himself to be a socialist. He even changed the name of Hindustan Republican Association (HRA), of which he was a part, to Hindustan Socialist Republican Association (HSRA).

In the Bhagat Singh’s the Jail Notebook, you can easily see his shift towards Marxism and the ideology being deep in his mind. He wanted a socialist transformation through a revolution in the country.

The right wing projecting such false personality of a legend is no less than doing a public wrong. Supporting an opposite ideology by the BJP and their supporters come up as a hard  to digest fact, to say the least.

History of RSS with Bhagat Singh

The history shows that the RSS, which backs the political ideology of BJP, had shown no support for Bhagat Singh during those times. Rather they were occupied with integrating Hindus and strengthen the structure of their organisation. Less is to be said about their contribution to the freedom struggle.

Time and again, BJP and its supporters have tried to milk upon the popularity of great personalities like Sardar Patel, B.R. Ambedkar, Bhagat Singh etc. All these had a contradicting view about the ideologies backing BJP. But the ignorance of their politics among the masses is the key reason for taking an advantage. It may be perhaps because BJP only has a few numbers of icons to be representing their side.

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