Nita Ambani is currently in the news for carrying a handbag studded with around 240 diamonds and costing approx Rs. 2.6 crores. 

Ambani, who is also the Reliance Foundation Chairperson was caught with the Hermès Himalaya Birkin bag in an image with Bollywood actresses Kareena Kapoor and Karishma Kapoor. 

It is also considered as the ‘Holy Grail in a Handbag’ collection by British auction house Christie’s, with the bag on top of the diamonds having an 18-karat-gold hardware.

The bag made from Nile crocodile hide was sold at Christie’s in 2017 at a whooping price of $379,261, making it the most expensive bag sold ever. 

Owing to all these facts, understandably the internet is losing its mind with many trolling and bashing Nita Ambani for having such a bag in her possession in the first place. 

Now, let me start by saying that I’m a big animal lover and feel extremely strongly for them.

However, when I saw the pics of Nita Ambani with this type of a bag or even Nirav Modi wearing that Rs. 9 lakh ostrich leather jacket (is it just a coincidence that their families are somehow related?!), I felt the need to step into their mindset and understand what makes them do what they do.

Nita Ambani handbag

And therefore I’m going to attempt at playing the devil’s advocate, not sure how much of a good job I’ll be doing at it though.

But let me know if after these contrarian arguments, do their actions still make sense?

#1. What If You Own Billions Of Dollars

Nita Ambani is a part of one of the wealthiest families in the world with her husband Mukesh Ambani having net value of 22.6 billion dollars.

Nita herself is a strong businesswoman. 

So after all that, if I put myself into shoes of someone who owns billions of dollars, I might not realise that my actions are wrong if I wished for something I wanted, since this life is like a bubble, far away from the harsh realities of an everyday man or society. 

Hypothetically, if I had unlimited amount of money in my bank, being a die hard book lover I would probably get the best library made for myself where I would collect the most rare books without worrying about the cost.

I could also want the best quality wood out there and in such a scenario I might or might not at that time realise or feel bad about the environmental damage my mere ‘buying’ of this readily available exquisite wood in the market would cause.

Clearing up that, I’m not custom ordering for acres of land of trees to be cut down for my whims but am simply buying what is already out there.

Using the same analogy, Christie’s was selling an Hermes in auction, and given the charm of it and the ability to buy it, one just goes ahead and acquires it. Not much research or thought could have gone into it, perhaps.

#2. Why Not Shame Birkin & Hermes?

Another point I don’t understand is why are people bashing Nita Ambani for buying something that is out there in the market. 

The ones we should be targeting is the brand Hermes itself, whose Birkin bags are extremely sought after in the luxury market. 

Why is this brand still making such bags in the first place where crocodiles are cut open while still alive just to grace the hand of some rich woman?

What is the fashion in this, of killing an innocent being simply to create an item of luxury that is not needed for everyday existence or survival. 

In today’s time when other bigger brands like Prada which are as expensive as Hermes are going the cruelty free way then what is stopping Hermes from doing it too?

PETA even did a massive investigation into how their bags are made and revealed a chilling truth. 

This video (disclaimer for blood and gore) is showing the horrifying way in which these so called luxury bags are made. 

Read More: Prada Is Only Now Going Fur-Free, But These Indian Fashion Brands Have Been Cruelty Free Since Long!

#3. Is It Practically Possible To Stop Them?

Lastly, after all the arguments, on a purely philosophical level can we expect a person to feel strongly about all the causes in the entire world?

Is it really that wrong if a person does not stand for one or two causes but might be working for many other causes? Does it make them a bad person?

Plus, no matter how noble it sounds, can we actually practically stop an uber rich person from buying their 30th car for xxxx crores just to unnecessarily glorify their already overflowing stable, well knowing that this would only add more strain on the carbon footprint in the world?

Let’s not forget these are public figures who are always in the limelight with an urgent need of standing out and looking & being different from others at all times.

I mean, other Bollywood actresses have also carried these Birkin bags and other leather and snakeskin bags. I’ve never seen such a hoopla being around them. 

DO comment below to tell me how sound were these devil’s advocates’ arguments in favour of the uber rich people. Did they convince you? 

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: The Economic TimesHindustan Times, PETA

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