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Why Are Bollywood Stars Ashamed Of Indian Television?


I don’t normally watch celebrity interviews, because well, almost every single one of them is exactly the same including the answers given by the actors.

There are a few exceptions sure, but more often than star interviews are just a snore fest for me.

However the few times I have managed to catch a glimpse of one of such interviews, I do almost always see this one question repeated;

‘What is your favourite show or what are you watching on TV these days?’

This or question along similar lines is almost always one the beginning questions in order to crack the ice.

And this I observed after I saw a couple of such interviews is that and I am talking of Bollywood actors here, just in case you all didn’t deduce it, but almost every actor would promptly come up with a popular US or UK show name as what they watch on the tv right now.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my fair share of western television shows, but if asked what are my favourite shows, I also have a couple of Indian television shows that I absolutely love and would make sure to include them in as well.

indian television
All Love Only To Western TV Shows?


Are…. Are Bollywood Actors Ashamed Of Indian Television?

Well… we can’t blame them also na?

I mean I remember a time when I couldn’t run out of things to watch on the TV. From Sarabha vs Sarabhai to Remix in school, and also many an evenings have been spent with family watching Dekh Bhai Dekh or Office Office.

But today, every channel has the exact same mindless crap and then there is Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma.

So can’t really blame the stars for opting not to say the names of frankly, these embarrassing af shows and instead flaunting their good taste by naming actually good shows.

However, Would It Hurt Them To Name The Good Ones?

As I pointed above, Indian TV was not always so bad.

We too have had a fair amount of some amazing and ground breaking shows that progressive, out of the box and extremely well written.

I have seen in some Hollywood interviews too, that they are asked this question, many times they name some really old shows that they loved.

What I mean to say is that, would it hurt the Indian actors to maybe include one or two good Indian TV shows?

indian television
These and more are just some examples of great Indian TV Shows


See the point I am trying to make here is that, actors are influencers. No matter how much we might debate otherwise, they hold a certain power over the public and we do either unintentionally or intentionally start to follow their methods.

Most stars spouting off TV shows from US and UK does not bring on a very good image for our Indian sector and could not just influence the public to abandon Indian TV shows for western, but also does not portray a good image on the international sector.

Signing off I would say that, according to me, Bollywood celebrities are definitely ashamed of Indian television, but when on a national or international level, they should make it so apparent and obvious.

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