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Who Is Responsible For The Dismal State Of NGOs In India?


By Aashna Charan

An NGO or a non-government organization in an independent organization that functions to uplift and support those who are in need of it. It is an integral part of our society, no doubt about that.

So very determined one morning my friends asked me to come with her to an animal shelter one day, being the kind of human that people consider lazy, I made up an excuse and proceeded to watch a movie instead. Once she returned I asked her with enthusiasm “how was it?!” to which she gave me a very dry reply of “it was okay”. At first, I thought she was angry at my incurable laziness, so I went to apologize for my behavior, sure that I would still do it again.

It’s not you I’m mad at, it’s those NGO people!” she said, to my relief really. “What did they do?” I asked, worried now “they have no proper facility to look after those who are there”, she said on the verge of crying. I consoled her, fearing that she would return to that place and kill everyone otherwise. But it lingered at the back of my mind as to why my friend witnessed this sight of infrastructural sadness and decided to look into this matter.


As they say, when you’re trying to be Sherlock Holmes it does backfire, here I was, snooping around to find information and the more I found, the more I frowned. The sadness of what I read hit me like a truck and I did end up feeling like road kill in the end.

To begin with, the bomb dropping, let’s start with the one which makes us say “our childhood was based on a lie!” not all NGOs want to do social work (that we all know, us smart people), some NGOs also called the Briefcase NGOs work just for financial gains! Here’s why, for the basic motive of profit making.

When it comes to the part of briefcase NGOs, the funding given to it is not going to the underprivileged but those who apparently want to “help” them, but only want to help themselves get a better car.

Some are pushed into pushing away the public interest aspect, because of international financial funding. The funds provided by international financial houses are with a bitter thorn of strict rules regarding the paying back which makes it hard for the NGO to perform its duties as now it’s working to repay and not uplift.

The reputation of NGOs is falling and the fall is irrecoverable to a very large extent, with such NGOs (briefcase NGOs) existing and with the slack approach of majority of other NGOs, their good name is being dragged through the mud, as many of them have been involved with using funds for purposes other than what they should have been used for and also for being ridden with corruption and for a non-government organisation, it has a lot of government.

To a very large extent, the government is to be blamed as well; the laws for NGOs are very lax and the political affiliation and investments that most of the NGOs have help them get away scot free from anything. And if they don’t support the ideology of the NGO, then the latter can forget running with ease.


On the part of the NGOs, to have something like an internal reconstruction. To make themselves more transparent, accountable and also to have a proper connection with the society they are working for. Fulfill the duties of being an NGO and actually work towards the betterment of the societies and keep their progress as proof of the good work you are doing, this will not only help you get funds but also increase your goodwill among society.

Think of running an NGO for making the world a better place and not for economic reasons.

Now that the sights turn to the government, the government should take more responsibility to encourage NGOs to actually perform and help the society. Help give the NGOs a proper picture of what they are working with and how to go about it. Encourage the funders to interact with the NGO as well as the people who need the services, it would help them in figuring out their needs and how it can be fulfilled.

Its conclusion, there is a lot of reasons to believe that NGOs have no way back to their former glory, but there just might be a bit of a phoenix in these angels. With the cooperation with all three; the government, the NGOs, and the funders, they just might find a way to make the society smile again and my friend and come back with a smile with her face saying “I had a great time, you missed it you lazy girl!” while I regret the decision for a while and tune back into the movie.

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