India is witnessing major protests across the country for two months now.

On 12 December, the Constitution Amendment Bill (CAB) was converted into a law and addressed as the Constitution Amendment Act (CAA). Since then the countrymen have been displaying dissent against this undemocratic and unsecular act by protesting and carrying out rallies almost everywhere in India.

These protests have always been in the limelight due to some or the other reason. Sometimes, the cause is also looked like political propaganda and people have been defaming the youngsters for going against the government.

However, this time a 20-year-old student is taking the heat on the internet for her unacceptable pro-Pakistan slogan raising at an anti-CAA protest in Bengaluru.

Who Is Amulya?

Amulya Leona Noronha is a 20-year-old student pursuing a BA in English at NKMRV College for Women in Bengaluru. Hailing from a small town in Karnataka, Amulya did her schooling from a small school in Koppa, Chikkamagaluru. After completing her schooling, she attended Mysuru’s Sadvidya Composite PU College for pre-university studies.

Further, she worked as a translator at a Bengaluru based company. The 20-year-old has been an active social activist in the ongoing anti-CAA protests in Bengaluru. She comes from a family of activists.

Her father, Oswald Noranha worked as an environmental activist and was an active participant in the Appiko Chaluvali, a makeshift of the historic Chipko Moment held in southern India. Reportedly, her father is a part-time secular leader of the Janta Dal party.

Amulya considers herself a politically awake student and has described herself as “Kaanana-da-Kaajana”, referring to Black Drongo, an aggressive forest bird on social media. She takes over the social media to voice her opinion and preaches the idea of ‘Long Live All Nations’.

What’s The News About?

Just like every other day, the AIMIM organized an anti-CAA rally at Freedom Park, Karnataka. Asaddudin Owaisi, the president of the AIMIM party was delivering a speech when Amulya rushed towards him and upstaged the party president.

As soon as she got on the stage and held the mike, the young woman started chanting ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ slogans in an impulsive way. This created a commotion amongst the audience and chaos on the stage where she stood.

The authorities, including Asaddudin Owaisi, rushed towards the girl and strictly condemned her from raising such slogans meanwhile the organizing team tried to snatch the mic from her hand.

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Surprisingly, Amulya did not submit, she showed resistance and asked the authorities to give her a minute to complete her statement. She was getting heavy backlash at that moment both by the crowd and the authorities for such an unacceptable act. After a few minutes, she raised “Hindustan Zindabad’’ slogans on the same stage but it was too late as the damage was already done.

Later the party president showed up and strictly condemned the act saying he has no idea about who the women are and in no way the party supports pro-Pakistan slogans. “I immediately rushed to her, and told her that ‘I will not tolerate this nonsense’. I don’t even know who this lady is,” said Owaisi while addressing the crowd.

The Consequence

The rally had media officials present there to cover the event. As a result of the same, the incident went viral on social media and Amulya Leona is a declared anti-national everywhere.

Not only this, the girl was soon booked under Article 124A that speaks about the offense of sedition and has been detained by Karnataka police.

According to Zee News, Amulya has been sent to a 14-day judicial custody where the matter will be investigated thoroughly. 

The ‘secular woman’ has invoked controversy and enraged the right-winged members to the extent that her family home in Chikkammanguluru was attacked by miscreants last night. 

Learning from the same, her parents are given police protection and have vacated their house.

However, Amulya’s father is infuriated at her daughter for her audacity and condemned her act saying,

“The guilty should be punished as per law”.

He did not come forward in support of her daughter’s opinion and mentioned in an interview to ANI, “What she did was wrong. She was joined by some Muslims and wasn’t listening to me.”

What More?

This incident has once again raised the right-left wing debate in the country and the culprit is facing a lot of flak both online and offline. 

Not only this, but an old interview broadcasted on 20th January 2020 on a YouTube channel is also being linked with this incident and the entire act is concluded to be a conspiracy by anti-government elements. 

In the video that is being linked to the recent incident, Amulya says, “There are a lot of senior activists, a content team, my parents who tell me what I should say or do. There is a very big student group, Bangalore Students Alliance that work hard, I am just the face of it, they are the ones who are working hard without any credit or identity in the media. They are the real heroes.”

While we are not yet clear over the authenticity of her statements, a lot of unrest has been created over this and the Sanghis versus anti-nationals war seems to get escalated on another level.

However, there is no clarity over Amulya’s political background and all we can do is wait for an official statement made by the authorities after thorough inquiry.

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