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WhatsApp Introduces Undo Option Along With Many Other New Features


Rishank Dabra

Whatsapp owner- Facebook has constantly re-invented itself since its inception by introducing new features, modifying the existing ones, improving the user experience, enhancing privacy, and improving security to differentiate itself from other social networks.

This has enabled it to remain among the best social networks for over a decade now. So, to sustain itself in fiercely competitive market WhatsApp in the last few months brought about several cool tools.

undo feature introduced by whatsapp
Video calling: long awaited and much needed

The most useful feature it has introduced recently is the video calling feature. Furthermore, it eliminates the need to download different apps, for instance, Whatsapp for messaging and Viber for calling.

Capture photos, edit and enjoy!

Another feature that has been added is that now the user can modify the images by adding caption, text and emoji on the photos they received or clicked and share them instantly.

This feature was initially available in Snapchat but now Whatsapp will also be able to divert some of the user traffic from Snapchat towards it. Yo photoshoppers!!

Video Streaming: No long wait

Video stream is one of the unique features recently introduced which will enable the users to directly stream the video like they do on Youtube while it is getting downloaded in the background and ultimately gets stored in your smartphone.

Video to GIF with ease

Remember you enjoyed those GIFs but wish you could create conveniently from a video? Now, you can!! With the new feature that allows a user to convert either a video that is recorded or shared into a GIF on the app itself. Wish life was so easy!

2-step verification: feeling more secure

To add more security layers to your account, two step verification has been enabled and this can be done through WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Two-step verification > Enable. In 2-step verification, to verify the phone number, it must be accompanied by six digit passcode created by using it. Can it be more secure? Umm..Wait and watch!!

good for quora

Ye dil maange more- The Undo Feature Of WhatsApp

After a long wait WhatsApp is set to launch the feature that will allow the users to undo or recall their sent messages. The feature for now is being tested on iOS version and is yet to arrive on Android version. The messages can be recalled even when blue ticks appear.

Has Whatsapp done enough to stop coming with these new features? No! It will be suicidal if it does that. In fact, it has to accelerate itself more than ever because it is the lion of the jungle.

With increasing smartphone penetration, new apps are getting developed with unique features but a user will always want to have all the eggs in one basket rather than using several apps and it is the responsibility of Whatsapp to create that one mammoth basket but that is also lighter to carry!

Rishank is currently pursuing MBA from Mumbai. He is passionate about writing and wants to change the world through his writing.

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