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What’s So Great About The Latest Apple Watch Nike+?


Apple already boasts some of the most high-end technology out there. Fuse that with a giant of the sporting world, Nike, and you get a watch that’s damn serious about sports and your fitness, the Apple Watch Nike+.


The watch official went on sale October 28th, 2016. The latest watch is equipped with a built-in GPS, which can assist the runners greatly. And with the smartwatch market at a decline, Apple needs all the help it can get to turn their latest device into a hit.

Which smartwatches were quite popular in the recent past, the market has subsequently suffered a major downfall. Reports state that there was a 52% decline during the last quarter of 2016.

Apple Watch Nike+ looks like a device that could potentially reinvigorate the market. With the top features of the Apple watch series 2 and the fitness related features of the Nike app, it already feels like a winner. The new GPS system being second to none.

According to the Associated Press, “The original watch does a fine job of latching onto your phone’s GPS if you’re running with the phone, but with built-in GPS, you can leave the phone behind.”

This means that traffic won’t affect your run timings. The GPS will figure out when you’re stationary due to traffic and adjust accordingly. For example, if it recognizes that you stopped because of a red light, it will automatically pause.

Another unique feature is its ability to your runs by predicting the weather through 30-minute increments. This way you will never head out and get drenched only because you were oblivious from the fact that a downpour had already been predicted.

The watch also acts like your personalized trainer. You no longer have to bother someone else to train you, technology does that now. The smartwatch provides you with tips tailored according to your targets and past efforts.

Throw in customizable straps that instantly transform it from a gym equipment to a trendy watch for special occasions, and what you have is the best smartwatch out there.

You no longer need a watch for apps and another one to keep track of your fitness. The Apple watch Nike+ does all that. The only negative you can nitpick is the limited ability to move data around.

Many long-time runners have their records saved on different devices. Fitness devices still do not fully support the movement of data and the latest addition to smartwatches does not do much to help that.

Nonetheless, If you’re a fitness freak who loves his tech, I suggest you run as fast as you can to the nearest apple store and get your hands on the ultimate smartwatch.

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