Kanye West, though a musical genius, is rather known for his erratic behavior.

When it comes to his life, Kanye West has seen lots of ups and downs and we have seen a lot of things about him which we shouldn’t have. Especially things on Twitter which might have sounded better in his head but not his Twitter account.

Kanye West Gets Reply From ICC:

Not that Kanye West has posted anything weird this time, one of his tweets got a reply from cricket’s very own International Cricket Council.

On Monday Kanye West had tweeted “no one is better than anyone”.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) on the next day ranked all the Test format batsmen as No.1. They took a screenshot of Kanye West’s tweet and posted it on Twitter along with the photo of all batsman ranked #1 with the caption “If you say so Yeezy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”.

ICC Handle Gets A Makeover:

The Twitter account of ICC has become more active in recent times. It has become genuinely interesting. They have moved past the phase of just reporting news and have become humorous and informal.

It is common for football fans to make Twitter as their source for news, updates as well as memes from official accounts of football clubs and country.

This new trial by ICC has been successful in gathering more followers on their account and making it an official source just like the handles of football clubs.

They cover every match inning by inning of every match going around and yet the ICC Twitter account does not feel monotonous.

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Indians Offended, Yet Again:

Not to forget, we as a nation successfully found something offensive in one of those memes.

After India’s defeat in the first match of the ongoing test series, ICC posted a pic of Virat Kohli and Joe Root talking with a photoshopped microphone falling down and a caption “Root Out”.


The comments on this post are filled with snide remarks about Joe Root, the England team, and our favorite, comments about their families.

Nevertheless, they have tons of amazing pictures of the day and exclusive comments from the player. It is a treat to follow that account if you are an avid cricket fan.

This out of the box tweet in reply for Kanye West will surely get attention from everyone and not just cricket fans.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Times Now, Cricket Country, India Today + more

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