Are your WhatsApp group chats also filled with these annoying messages?

One after another, so many of my WhatsApp group chats have these messages coming in a flurry with people exchanging cities and talking about which city they have selected or chosen or gotten.

At first, I believed it to be a random ad link that would take you to some item you should buy from any online site.

However, it was after I saw ‘Kochi’ trending on Indian Twitter in relation to this particular ‘game’ that I realised what it actually was.

Apparently, this is a new game launched by Google Pay where a user can visit Indian cities virtually and win rewards.

The game is called Google Pay Go India and seems to be the most played game by Indians currently.

What Is Google Pay Go India?

Google Pay, the digital wallet platform and online payment system by Google started a game for Indian Android and iOS users during the festive time.

The game started at the beginning of November and will go on till November 25th, which is when the champion would be announced.

The game called ‘Go India’ allows the user to virtually visit various cities in India through Google Pay.

The person who is able to visit all the cities of India via this game will be given the title of ‘Go India Champion’ and also get a reward amount of Rs. 501.

The virtual travelling is done by the user collecting tickets to individual Indian cities and also kilometers.

The tickets will have city names on it, like Kochi, New Delhi, Gangtok, Mumbai etc. These tickets will eventually allow the user to unlock that particular region, virtually travel in it and collect a reward.

The game also requires users to collect kilometers in order to move forward in the game and travel to new regions.

The way to collect these tickets and kilometers is pretty simple. Users have to make regular UPI transactions or use Google Pay to recharge a prepaid phone, buy gold, recharge your Google Pay, pay bills and more.

Apart from this, players can also share their Go India photos and map screenshots to collect new tickets and kilometers.

Players are also automatically given a free morning gift every day once the user logs in to the Go India game.

Kilometers can also be collected by gifting a city ticket to a friend, transfer money to a UPI ID, deposit money into a bank account, etc.

Besides the reward sum of Rs 101 to 501, there are also a variety of rewards one can get on visiting a city like a cash reward, a three-month trial of Audible, another city’s ticket, etc.

Rewards like the Audible one though will only be available to players every fifth city they visit.

In order to be eligible to play this game, of course, one needs to activate their Google Pay account and make sure their details are all filled in.

A player is also limited to only visiting about 3 cities in a single day. Once the user reaches a city they will get a city photo of the particular place.

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In fact, so big has this game gotten that today morning, ‘Kochi’ was even trending on the Indian side of Twitter, with almost 7,000 tweets to it.

This game has certainly become viral. Do let us know in the comments below if you’re also confused about its popularity or you’re one of the people sending messages about this game on your WhatsApp chats.

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