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What India Ordered Most During Lockdown: Condoms, iPills Or Chicken Biryani?


Ever since the pandemic hit, India has seen a surge in online ordering and deliveries. With restaurants and cafes being closed, it has been quite difficult to cope.

However, owing to being stuck at home happened to be a great boon for the online delivery industry. What’s even more convenient is how delivery apps are making themselves more resourceful – Swiggy has introduced another department called “Instamart” wherein you can order your staples, chocolates, chips, cold meat items, etc. Apart from that, you can also have alcohol delivered to your doorstep owing to the measures taken by the delivery apps.

You would think that the most India ordered would be food and groceries and clothing items. But it was condoms, iPills and cat food that stole the show.

Yes, you heard that right. According to statistics, the most that we Indians have ordered are condoms, iPills and cat food followed by chicken biryani in the second most ordered items.

Most Ordered Food Items In Lockdown, Read: Biryani

When it comes to us Indians, Chicken Biryani happens to be our soul food. Nothing can beat the deadly combination of rice cooked in authentic Indian spices, a potato and a chicken that is marinated with exotic spices and cooked overnight. It’s lethal.

According to sources, almost 44,30,008 orders have been placed on Zomato and 55,00,000 orders have been placed on Swiggy for Chicken Biryani leaving the Italian, Continental and other North Indian cuisines behind by a huge margin.

According to chef Monali Chatterji,

“It is a hassle-free meal – easy to serve, easy to heat up, easy to store and affordable too. For singles and young families, these factors are important. And because of its myriad flavors, owing to the spices and chicken, it easily beats all the dishes.”

Personally, I feel the reason why Biryani has broken all charts is because the dish screams comfort. Be it for merriment purposes or because you’re having a bad day, Biryani has all those comforting flavors and aroma that helps calm your nerves and acts as a conduit for mood uplifting.

Apart from Biryani, choco lava cakes and gulab jamuns serve as a savior for all the sweet tooth out there with a whopping 1,29,000 orders.

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Condoms Or iPills: What Was Ordered More?

During the lockdown, copious amounts of condoms were ordered with almost an average of three times more condoms during the day than at night.

For starters, I’m glad people did not take matters into their own hands and followed the phrase prevention is better than cure seriously. Sexually transmitted diseases aren’t a joke and pills don’t have the power to stop them.

However, on a lighter note, remember how our biology textbooks of class 10 claimed that one of the main reasons for an increase in population was boredom and lack of recreation? Turns out it’s actually true. Also, it was the chapter of Reproduction in case you’re wondering.

This lockdown has definitely been a curse but it has also proven to have strengthened the bond between partners. This ample amount of time with absolutely nothing to do has rekindled that spark and intimacy that was missing in the everyday hubbub of life.

If we look at the cities individually then Hyderabad saw a six-fold rise in the demand for condoms during the day as opposed to night whereas Chennai and Jaipur saw a five times increase in demand during the day. However, it seems like Mumbai and Bangalore tried to keep it a notch down with only a three-fold increase in demand.

Comparatively, contraceptive pills and pregnancy kits weren’t as much in demand as it seemed like “safety” happened to be the major keyword.

However, if we compare the three things – Chicken Biryani, condoms and iPills, it is crystal clear that Biryani is the winner here.

Can you really blame us? Sex is cool but Biryani is permanent.

Disclaimer: This post is fact-checked

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Sources: Hindustan Times, CNBC, BBC

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