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What I Think About The New Power Rangers Trailer


Power Rangers just released a new trailer and I am feeling… quite conflicted about it to be honest.

Power Rangers has been a big part of my childhood, I still remember how me and my friends would run around playing Power Rangers, choosing our colours, our powers, adding more powers if we wanted and more.

The television series too was followed religiously, and for all its tackiness and weird action sequences and frankly a bit embarrassing acting and costumes, it was still fun to watch it.


There were these 5 normal young school going kids and then they got all these superpowers with which they would fight great villians and whatnot.

I mean, come on… what kid does not like that?

We all could imagine being in that position and envisioned someday that we too would get to experience an adventure like this.

So, taking into consideration how important it was to me, when I heard that it is being made into a movie, I was equal parts excited and skeptical.

And after watching the recently launched teaser trailer, I am feeling even more skeptic than ever.


Overall, the trailer was not bad, the CGI and special effects, the actors and the look of the movie seems good.

But I feel that they are going a bit too serious and dark.

Didn’t anyone learn from Batman vs Superman?

Now is not the time to go uber serious and gloomy. And these are schools kids for god’s sake, why exactly are they so burdened by so many issues?

Not saying that school kids don’t have any problems, but one of the things that really endeared the television series and all to me, was the humour in it.

According to me, this trailer went a bit too serious especially since the franchise would probably be geared towards either the fans or the younger audience.

However, we must not lose hope right away, this was just the first one, perhaps in the next trailer, they might make it a bit more quirky and light-hearted.

Signing off, I would like to say that I am looking forward to the movie, and a positive, I love the representation within it, and hope they bring it out fully.

Image Credits: Google Images

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