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What Do You Want: To Know PV Sindhu’s Caste or a Silver Medal?



The deep-rooted problem of Indian Caste system popped out on the surface just after India’s pride PV Sindhu beat Chinese Taipei badminton player Tai Tzu Ying, in the pre-quarterfinals.

While the majority of us were anticipating for India’s first gold medal in Badminton, there were some dim-witted people who failed to curb their stupid itch to search for PV Sindhu’s caste on Google.

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Are You Surprised?

Well, it does not surprise me, given the fact the there is a substantial number of unemployed, creatively void brains in India. These people have such important things to do. They snuggle around a chai-shop to discuss politics while jumping from whining about the chai to their new neighbours and then rushing away without even paying the chai-wala.

India has its own share of hoopla in the World economy. According to our PM, the whole world is looking to us in the hope of some sanguinity, yet we know what a big failure we were in Olympics.

And in between these embarrassments, when a Silver medal is fortunately earned, we will talk about the caste, cause you know we are painfully inspired from that stout “aunty” next door.

When I delved into the world of Google Trends, I found that Andhra Pradesh aced the top ten states that searched for ‘pv sindhu caste’.

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She is currently ranked no. 10 in the world and her last match was against world no.1 Hispanic Carolina Marin. Though the significant difference between the rankings, she was able to give a good competition to her rival.

A silver gold medal for India was incurred by her performance in semi-finals.

It is a shame that those people are so obsessed with PV Sindhu’s surname that it overshadowed her exceptional achievement in Rio Olympics 2016.

Why does The Caste System Affects Us so Much?

There are many theories about its origin but the one which is trusted by most is that it started after the Aryans arrived.

The Aryans were a bit blatant. Hell, they were also white. So these guys never mixed with the local people which obviously were black. Now these Aryans dudes were so self-involved that they organized themselves into groups like Kshatriyas, Brahmans, and Vaishyas based on their skill.

The rest is boring history so I will do you a favour by skipping it.

And then we were so busy with matters like the Indian Independence that we never bothered to change them.


We didn’t have even a bubkes of any idea on how and why to solve it. It was like one of those situations when you continue to watch telly shopping because you can’t find the remote for the TV.

The Aryans reached out to our present mentality so much that yesterday some fellow from Andhra, had his orgasm by searching for the caste of PV Sindhu.

What Can Be Done?

Maybe if we stop listening to our dada, dadi, chacha, chachi, kaaamwali, unemployed uncle, desperate durr wale mama then we will know what a dud is the Caste System. Those who are more philosophical and have ideas like the Ideal Gas( PV=nRT..Remember?) may say that we should stop having a surname.

Sure but in an ideal world, people love being called by their names and some of us have more than one..ek ghar ka, ek bahar ka. And then having a surname is like an icing on the cake. It is perfectly fine to have a surname but it is sheer madness getting obsessed by it.

Don’t pick your apples by judging their parent tree(that’s not a proverb but you are getting the point). After all, in the end, you only need a person to be helpful and useful and not of your surname.

The Few Good Men

Though Carolina has won the match, but PV Sindhu has won the heart of millions of Indians.

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But fret not because of this upsetting behaviour of some morons, here is the data that shows there are more of good people who paid less attention to her caste than her success.

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