Remember the playing cards we used to have as kids. I wasn’t much of a collector but my friends were. From WWE to Pokemon, trading cards were well, traded all around me. People used to play with these cards instead of playing actual sports and I have seen my fair share of fights break out over these.

But these cards are not around anymore and as a guy said in the video, Pokémon is dead, there is a gap in the market.

Enter Memes

Even for a self-professed normie like me, memes are life. Basically all my interactions on Facebook these days are people tagging me in memes and vice versa. From Kamlesh to Nagarpalika to any random meme that graces my feed, I love.

memes are life

This meme-fiction of my life has been so intense that my gallery is 10% notes, 10% good morning messages from my family group, 10% random stuff, and the rest, memes. They have replaced real conversations for me, with friends talking to me through memes.

Add both of these together and you have a viral-bestseller-type-shiz. But like flying cars and time machines, I thought this kind of things would require the development of humankind to a higher level of understanding. But I think, we are here.

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The Future Is Here

In the video, there were a variety of cards, from Pepe the frog to Roll Safe to Salt Bae. They have a rating system, complete with stats and all the other fun stuff you find on normal trading cards.

Players can compete with each other as shown in the video using these stats to beat the other person and shout related phrases and give the entire situation a very ironically comedic atmosphere. For example, you could shout Another one when throwing a DJ Khaled Card, Bhai Bhai Bhai Bhai when throwing a Nagarpalika one or maybe Dhun Dhun Dhun Dhun when using Soluchan or roar like Harambe and so on.

This meme trading provides an offline outlet to the online outpouring for memes. Now frustrated people can be frustrated in public. They can act like little kids selling mint condition Trump meme cards or burnt to a crisp Modi Meme cards or the Joker Rahul Gandhi cards or anything.

According to the video, you can have a rare Pepe the frog card for the price of a New York Penthouse. Nominal. Considering its Pepe.

The guy in the video also talks about how this will fill not only the gap in the market but also the one in my heart.

I feel him. I feel his pain. And as a true meme lover, I do hope these cards roll off the production lines soon so that I can relive my favourite childhood memory of seeing others waste their money on useless bits of paper.


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