Justice League is here. Finally.

A surge of dissatisfaction runs through my body as I type this review because that’s the sort of bittersweet (rather bitter) aftertaste that Justice League will leave you with as the climax occurs and the men and wom(a)en of the largest superhero alliance of the world save the day.

Justice League

We’re gonna go technical and emotional in this review and I’ll try to keep the big spoilers at bay so keep reading before shelling out your money on this movie and being a DC fan for as long as I can remember, these are words you wouldn’t want to take lightly.

So without further ado, here’s my review and I’m gonna start off with the things THAT I LIKED about Justice League:

#1. Story And Plot:

The story is simple and works to a large extent as well, with the first half coming as a breath of fresh air as new characters with relatively simple backstories are introduced.

The overall plot has been kept simple with a tried and tested formula of a supervillain trying to destroy the world with his large army (Steppenwolf and his Parademons) and the team needing some extra help (For heaven’s sake, yes there’s Superman) to defeat his threat.

The plot is simple and doesn’t drive into a lot of redundant character development and complexities, which was prominent in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice and that works for the most part.

#2. Character Development And Acting:

This is what the movie thrives on.

Brilliant acting by all the characters in a relatively thin plot and a seemingly easy villain is the crux of Justice League.

Ezra Miller steals the show, hands down. His comic timing is impeccable and refreshing.

I Loved Ezra Miller’s performance and so will you.

His portrayal of The Flash is brilliant and is the primary comic relief and same goes for Jason Momoa’s portrayal of Aquaman, who brings his raw swagger and infuses it with his comedic act to reap a brilliant result.

But still, Ezra Miller is the highlight of the movie. I’m even more excited for the standalone Flash movie, now.

Talking about the portrayal of Victor Stone, Ray Fisher definitely looks and acts the part but his role has been rather bogged down.

Gal Gadot is as adorable as she is graceful, Ben Affleck is a lot less brooding and serious and fits his role like a glove and Henry Cavill is a damn surprise package.

His limited performance takes you by surprise, all for the good.

#3. Plot Twist:

“F**K YEAH” is what you’ll be saying when Superman’s resurrection takes place because that to me, is the movie’s highlight sequence.

It is absolutely brilliant to see Henry Cavill take his role by the gut and be outright exceptional as we watch Superman unleash his full power in all glory. Breathtakingly brilliant.

Now coming to what I didn’t like about Justice League:

#1. Steppenwolf:

Oh, what a grand villain we had expected and what a CGI-driven skeleton we got.

Yeah. No. Meh. Thanks.

Ciaran Hinds tries his best to portray Steppenwolf with a voice full of gravitas and bravado but ultimately falls short because of the CGI overdrive in his design.

He’s passive and you won’t relate to his motive for more than 5 minutes.

#2. The Pace And Symbolism Don’t Go Hand In Hand:

Whenever I discuss Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice (or its Ultimate Edition, which got a glowing review from my side), I always bring to light the various moments of symbolism which were rather complex, thought-provoking and yet delicately teased by Zack Snyder.

This is the movie where symbolism takes a back seat to such an extent that you try and look for it.

Everything just feels… rushed. Right from the beginning.

The Parademons are already here, Steppenwolf is just… there, the team is grouped in the first half itself and there is no surprise entry of a 7th superhero (I was expecting either Hawk Girl, Green Lantern or Shazam to show up). The movie is rushed and the pace doesn’t match it and you begin to question… why is Steppenwolf even trying?



The scene from the trailer where Alfred talks to a mysterious stranger/hero: GONE.

The brilliantly shot scene where Flash puts his finger through a glass screen: GONE.

Victor Stone’s backstory and visuals of his college life: GONE.

The scene where Clark notices Lois’s ring, the scene where Bruce informs Diana that Arthur said no to join the team, the scene where Batman says “My turn”: ALL F**KING GONE.


It was truly disappointing that a chunk of good footage has been chopped out of Justice League which will hamper its box office collections, just like they did for Batman v Superman in 2016.

#4. Climax:

Predictable and rushed. Leaves you dissatisfied.

You’ll be left with a “Is it already over?” feeling, much like a bad orgasm.

Summing up my review, I loved the lighter characterization and the acting, the visuals are spectacular, the 3D is brilliant and the acting of Ezra Miller and Henry Cavill is refreshingly amazing. Superman’s resurrection sequence is the highlight and will be talked about a lot.

What I didn’t like was the chopped run time of 2 hours (from an original of 2 hours and 50 minutes, shortened by a huge chunk at the direct orders of the Warner Bros CEO) and the bland climax with a bland villain.

Add that to a relatively thin plot and that’s an average movie.

The movie is a step in the right direction but it’s not a large stride by any means, as it still remains DC’s 2nd best movie after Wonder Woman (which received a spectacular rating and review from my side) but does manage to eclipse BvS, thanks to its lighter tone and Joss Whedon’s addition as a director in its closing stages.

If it wasn’t for the amazing acting and the scene of Superman’s resurrection, I’d have given this movie 2.5 out of 5.

But just because of the refreshing portrayal of The Flash by Ezra Miller, I add 0.5 and the surprisingly brilliant acting of Henry Cavill in the Superman’s resurrection sequence and overall in the movie, I add 0.5 more.

All in all, I give this movie 3.5 out of 5.

Not great but definitely hopeful.

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