In a world where we are constantly swimming in a pool of content, it is essential for us to choose the right kind. It is important that we make the finest consumer choice and select the content that serves us.

With two works of art revolving around student life, it is imperative for us to invest our time in the right one. Yes, I am talking of the movie, Student Of The Year 2 by Bollywood’s beloved Karan Johar and the other being a web series called Kota Factory by TVF.

As someone who chose the stream most chosen, i.e. PCM and as a victim of engineering coaching classes, if there has to be a piece of art that I can absolutely vouch for, it has to be the latter one.

Below are some reasons why one should invest his time watching Kota Factory over SOTY2:


Kota Factory, unlike SOTY 2, is a realistic depiction of the students in our country. Well let us get this straight, no one is competing for some whacky triathlon, students are actually trying to get ahead of each other in competitive exams like JEE.

No one wants to win races to score love, Asian kids are more worried about ending up as broken eggs.

Brilliant Use Of Colors

The whole series by TVF is a black and white one but still managed to glue me to it. What a masterpiece!

The lives of the students often become colourless and monotonous due to the pressure of competitive exams. The whole series literally and figuratively depicted this.

The trailer of SOTY 2, on the other hand, is full of colour and spice, I mean sorry Karan, but no students pull off  ‘impromptu‘ dances in the campus 24*7.

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Fresh Perspective

The show provides a fresh perspective to those giving competitive exams. It manages to lift off the burden of being the best in the lot.

It conveys that the results of these exams are not meant to be taken to the heart and the key to succeeding at them is enjoying the preparation process. It focuses on the importance of understanding rather than rote learning.

As one of the lead says, ‘it is the Ranchos who make it to IIT and not the Chaturs.’

Acceptance Classes 101

Throughout the series, the protagonist focuses on the importance of acceptance. He stresses that as humans stuck in a competitive world, acceptance of oneself could lead to peace.

The show teaches one to accept situations as they are and then work around them. 

The movie’s trailer, on the other hand, shows the need to chase perfectionism and be absolutely flawless.

Like Karan, seriously, students are struggling to manage sleep schedules, stop making them participate in your made-up competitions.

Importance of Friendships

The series teaches one the importance of support during the preparation period. It makes one realise, how close-knit friends can help one get through the preparation phase.

The movie’s trailer, on the other hand, disregards the importance of friendship.

I hope these reasons were enough to make you watch the series. In fact, make your parents watch it too. It will definitely make them realise the toll that these coaching classes take on the minds of young students.

So folks, please invest your time into this heart touching series, Kota Factory, instead of splurging your money on SOTY 2, if you really want a correct portrayal of the student life.

If you are someone who absolutely loved Kota Factory and resonated with it, do let us know in the comments down below.

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