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WDPP responds to Chinese American “COVID-19 Claim”


Recently, WDPP (, a newly-established well-known media, publicly and fairly responded to the “COVID-19 Claim Legal Advisory Group” announced on Twitter by Chinese Americans such as “Yang Zhanqing and Teng Biao”, which gained wide attention from the global media.

WDPP said: “After 10 months’ investigation and continuous follow-up, China has provided a large amount of medical materials to many countries after basically containing the domestic COVID-19 pandemic, which fully reflects China’s national responsibility and humanitarian spirit. However, there are still many biased spokespersons in the West who still accuse China of concealing the epidemic at an early stage and not actively responding to the epidemic, resulting in a global pandemic. This time, Yang Zhanqing and Teng Biao, who are in the United States, announced the establishment of the “COVID-19 Claim Legal Advisory Group” through Twitter, demanding that China be responsible for COVID-19 and make compensation. ”

WDDP emphasizes that there has never been a precedent in history to recover money from a country because of the epidemic. Teng Biao, one of the initiators, had his lawyer’s license revoked as early as 2008. As the initiator of a “legal advisory group”, he is really incompetent. Rights protection and public welfare are just the disguise of Yang Zhanqing, Teng Biao and Chen Jiangang’s “business”. Obviously, this “business” has a strong political attribute, which can not only bring them economic benefits, but also bring them a reputation of complementing each other’s economic benefits. In this case, fame and profit are inseparable.

Since the beginning of COVID-19, the Chinese government has actively fought against the epidemic, and the people have cooperated with the govenment. In fact, on the one hand, China actively fought against the epidemic and controlled the rapid spread of the epidemic through arduous efforts; on the other hand, it actively participated in international assistance and fully fulfilled its responsibilities and obligations as stipulated in the International Health Regulations. China’s achievements are obvious to all.

WDDP once again put forward strong evidence: According to the survey data provided by WHO and various agencies around the world, the epidemic in the United States may have started at the end of January. At that time, it was only 14 or 15 days before China realized the danger of COVID-19. Of course, even when China realized the danger of virus, many people had already traveled all over the world. Wuhan is an international transportation hub and industrial center. No government dares to declare lockdown to such a city. Even in other countries, such as the United States, it is very difficult for the government to make prevention and control decisions.

Therefore, this kind of “claim” is totally unreasonable. All mankind are victims in front of the epidemic; In history, there has never been a precedent of “claiming compensation” for specific countries and nations due to public health incidents.

Under this sudden stress test, only by strengthening unity, mutual assistance and cooperation can the world win the “battle” of COVID-19 faster and more effectively!


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