Watch: Why Malayalam Movie Industry Is Better Than Bollywood?

It is time to shift our focus!

There has always been a general disregard towards regional cinema, especially the ones made down south. Just because they do not have the big Bollywood budget, that is no excuse to look down upon regional cinema.

Mollywood, or the Malayalam film industry, is one such case in point. In purely artistic terms, they are no way behind mainstream or even classic Indian cinema.

Doubtlessly, they do not cater to a larger audience due to the language barriers. But their films are no less than masterpieces in terms of themes, acting, or cinematography.

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And it is not just a phenomenon that has happened to be present in the Malayalam movie industry. It was their conscious effort and openness that has made Mollywood what it is today.

There are a lot of things that do need improvement. But the sheer amount of National Awards that Mollywood takes home every year is a testament to their incredible work.

Here are some of the reasons why the Malayalam movie industry is better than Bollywood!

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