Watch: We Wouldn’t Need A LGBTQ Revolution, If 10th Class Biology Included This

The 10th class books currently portray gender as being biologically binary. Either a person can have XY chromosomes along with male genitals or a person can have XX chromosomes along with female genitals.

The former is supposed to like female and prefer having sex with them. Whereas, the latter, is supposed to be attracted to men and prefer having sex with them.

Actually, it is not that simple.

To see what factors should be considered while identifying an individual’s gender, watch the video given below

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Right now, we are looking at two major extremes, cis-male and cis-female. There are many categories in-between as mentioned in the video.

These categories don’t have a specific number. Each one can have a unique combination of the 4 factors mentioned above. And, that is okay and normal. We don’t have to label each combination. What we need is respect for differences.

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