Watch: Take A Look At The Swimming Camels Of Kutch

The swimming camels of Kutch (Kharai) are a unique breed of species known to survive under extreme climatic conditions in both land and sea.

The livelihood of the people of the arid coastal regions of Gujarat relies on these camels either for milk, transport or tourism purposes.

The Kharai breed can swim up to 10 km through the sea to the islands along the Kutch in about two-three hours, carrying their handlers on the back. They feed on saline plants found in the area especially mangrove forests. 

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Recent times has seen the dwindling of mangrove forests owing to heavy industrialization along the coast. This has sparked conservation efforts where the Kharai camels have been recognized as a separate breed of camels with hopes to save the species from extinction.

Watch the video to know more about the rare breed of camels in India.

Image credits: Google Images

Sources: The Hindu, ToTravelIsToLearn

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