Watch: Some Of The Biggest Unsolved Mysteries Of The World

From ancient times to this modern era, mankind has made a lot of progress to decipher the eccentricities of nature. Human nature is filled with an eternal, unquenched inquisitiveness and the quest to get answers for every question is what makes man the most superior living being of all.

The popularity of the famous fiction series Sherlock Holmes makes it evident that humans are naturally excited by mysteries and strange phenomenons. Although Sherlock was blessed with an exceptional brain and was able to crack the most unnatural of mysteries, it is not the case in the real world. 

No matter how much progress science or the modern world makes, there still exist some mysteries which are too complex to be solved by us mortals. These mysteries have no end or logical explanation to them but still are existing in the real world without any data-driven reasoning associated with them.

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So if you are someone who loves mysteries and have been binge-watching YouTube for conspiracy theories, then watch out this space. Here are some of the biggest unsolvable mysteries ever to exist in this human world:

And yet you thought that humans are the know-it-alls? But here you might be wrong, as sometimes, somethings are better left unanswered!

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Sources: Times Of India, MSN, Live Science +more

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