Watch: For Women’s Month, We Look At The Top 5 Indian Movies Where Women Kick Butt

It's time our society changed, and what better than cinema to bring about that?

Every year, the stretch from March 1st to March 31st, the world unites as one to celebrate the female gender in all its glory. Women’s History Month is celebrated the world over to put the struggles and accomplishments of women at the forefront of the international polity.

Being the subjugated sex through human history, the female gender has dealt with the harsh hand of ancient patriarchy. However, with each generational turn, feminism has strived hard and fast to make the world a better place with each societal change.

Now, it is 2021, and we have finally embraced the idea of gender not being a binary norm and one could accept the nonbinary, and be respected as what they identify as.

Thus, on that note, it can be safely stated that you do not have to be born as a woman to identify as one or vice versa.

However, this very concept, which should be easily understood, has yet to find total acceptance amongst our society, where even science takes a damning fall. 

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Our film industry has thus taken up the divine duty to make our society a tad more understanding and accepting of the struggles of the female gender, both binary and non-binary. And this undertaking can be seen in the movies slated below.

These movies are exactly what stand as media that seek to educate, motivate and promulgate much-needed change in our patriarchal society.

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Sources: National Women’s History Museum, Rotten Tomatoes

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