Watch: Learn The Science Behind The Smell Of Rain Which Can Be Immortalised In Bottles

Behold, the wonders of petrichor.

We all love a rainy evening, don’t we? Whether it’s getting wet, playing football or sometimes hating the sticky and humid weather afterwards, we all have some fond memory of rains.

While the sight of rain might be something of a disappointment for some, one of the benefits of the downpour is the smell of rain.

It’s a made-up word, like some of the best ones you can come across: petrichor.

Well if you don’t recognise the word already, then you surely have smelled it. After all its the smell of rain after a dry spell.

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The word comes from a combination of the Greek word for “stone” and for “the blood of the gods” (“petri” and “ichor,” respectively).

Yet the scent of rain, particularly after a long dry spell, is pleasing to all, humans and animals alike, in all the places.

And while you won’t actually be able to smell the marvellous scent simply by reading this, here’s a video to help you imagine and understand the science behind it a bit more accurately:

If you remember the last time you smelled it, try, just try, to remember exactly how it smelled.

That’s the hard part.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Business Line, BBC, Techly

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