Watch: Here’s How Cats Aren’t Any Less Pet-Material Than Dogs

Sharing Space With Supreme Beings

There’s no denying that cats are fickle and aloof concerning their relationships with human housemates. Yes, housemates because cats have no masters. Cats are free entities.

Cats act impulsively when made uncomfortable and hiss at or hit the cause of the discomfort, be it a living being or not. But the fact remains that cats are the loveliest creatures we could have asked for.

Not just adorable, cats are superior in almost every aspect. From IQ to planning (world domination remains the ultimate aim), from goofing around to terrorizing anything and everything for fun. Please note the use of the word ‘terrorizing’ instead of ‘frightening’ due to the intentional activity.

But cats, once attached, leave no stone unturned in loving, caring for, and appreciating their housemates. Exceptionally lovely, loving, and kind, cats have merely fallen prey to misinterpretations over the years.

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Not to forget the cat-phobic and cat-hating fellows who keep throwing dirt at these adorable little meow meows. Irrespective of color, eating habits, duration required to get attached, and to open up, cats deserve all the love they can get.

Although the comparison is the root of all evil, cats are as much pet-material / pet-worthy as dogs or any other creature that walks the earth.

And so, without further ado, here’s looking at cats and understanding how they can be petted with love, patience, and a little bit of kindness.

Are you a cat person? if yes, which quality of their do you like the best? If no, when are you planning to convert into cat-ism?

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