Google is finally bringing one of their much talked about feature, earlier limited only to Pixel and Pixel 2 phones.

The app was launched in 2017 by Google during their Google I/O and is said to be similar to Google Googles, however, with better features and using more advanced technology.

Recently, Google has after a long time, at least in the fast era of technology, officially made their Len available to non-Google or Android phones that have Google Photos installed.

Right now only accessible through Google Photos, in a short while, one can even use it through Google Assistant on phones Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, LG and more.

With Google Lens Android users can now create contacts by just scanning a business card, get a location by identifying a landmark or even search up a particular thing like an actor or something by just scanning their image.

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However, there is still a bit of confusion as to what exactly the app does, how it can be used, for what it can be used and whether it is safe or not. Let us take a look at all those things in the video below:

Watching this, while it seems harmless and even perfect to get those good results on our searches, one cannot deny that as with everything that is Google, privacy will definitely have to compromise. There are entirely too many ways that Google Lens now available on the mass-based Android can be misused, and it is the company’s responsibility to ensure they start taking measures to avoid that from happening.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: The HinduThe Financial Express, Independent

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