Watch: Countries That Don’t Have An Independence Day

The globe is divided into several countries, which again can be further divided into two categories, one that celebrates a national independence day and others that either celebrate a national unification or revolution day.

Speaking of the latter category, many countries do not have an independence day since they had not been a part of any other colony or state. 

Thus, not all countries have independence day, instead, they celebrate the founding day of the nation as their national day. And you might be surprised to know that there are several countries which do not have independence day which are famous travel destinations today.

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Well, then here are the countries that don’t have an independence day:

It’s amazing to note that the sense of national identity has been shaped and is drawn from the act of cutting and violently subduing countries with the chains of colonialism. 

Humans are truly twisted and so is the concept of nationalism, won’t you agree? Funny, isn’t it? As if, drawing and stretching borders across lands weren’t enough!

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