Watch: Cars Named After Actual Places In The World

Is your city one of them?

Marketing is a very significant aspect of selling anything. Marketing determines whether a product will be a success or a massive failure. 

And one of the most important aspects of marketing is the name of the product. It is literally the most significant part of selling a product. A crisp name helps to draw attention and aid in the sales of the product.

The automobile sector has always been very creative with its marketing strategies. 

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For years, car marketeers have used all kinds of creative names which may invoke interest among the public. From cool-sounding ones to the lame and weird sounding amalgamation of numbers and letters.

But, there’s one specific trend that has always been constant- naming cars after actual places.

Naming cars after geographic locations make them sound very elegant, inoffensive and has the advantage of being already somewhat familiar to the consumers. 

Let’s look at some of the coolest cars named after actual places in the world:

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