Watch: Amazon’s Journey Over The Years To Become The Second $1 Trillion Company

The startup launched 24 years ago is now worth over a trillion dollars

If you were told that the man who started an online bookstore 24 years ago is the world’s richest man today, you’d probably be shocked. But if you knew that the man in question here is Jeff Bezos and that online bookstore is now Amazon, you wouldn’t be so shocked.

Just last week, the company’s total market value touched the $1 trillion mark, thus becoming only the second company after Apple (you guessed it) to do so.

That’s just how far Amazon has come over the years. It started off just like any other startup, but Bezos’ determination to succeed has brought his company a long way.

Amazon’s journey has been an incredible one, but it had its fair share of bumps. On one occasion, the company went nearly bankrupt, only to be saved by a technical loophole on the part of a distributor.

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From being terribly under-staffed to being the second largest employer in the United States today, the e-commerce company has been through a lot in a short span of 24 years.

Here we take a look at Amazon’s journey over the years to become a trillion dollar company –

If you take a look around yourself, I’m sure you’ll find a product that is somehow associated from Amazon. That’s one way to analyze their success.

Incredible, isn’t it?

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Sources: Wikipedia, Business Insider, CNN + more

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