Watch: 8 Strongest Politicians In Indian Political History

These are the people who shaped our political history and brought us to where we are today

It has been 72 years of Indian independence and starting from the very famous names like Nehru, Patel and Gandhi, we have now reached Modi, Rahul Gandhi, and others. There has been a very big shift in Indian political methods and the way ministers now fight elections.

Back in 1947 when we gained freedom from the British rule, there was a set of politicians who were prominently active. Now, we see so many new parties, so many more ministers being active, though, the game has become largely dirty now.

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We bring to you, 8 politicians who brought about big changes in the politics of India, laid down the foundations of politics for the modern-day power fights we witness now.

This video could only take a certain number of such politicians. But, there are several others. Tell us about any such influential and strong politician who you think was a game-changer back then, in his/her time.

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Sources: India Today, MensXP, India Times

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