Every year, meteor showers light up the sky, eclipses make us reach for our binocular and shades, and super moons make us swoon with their romantic yet spiritual messages.

2020 was a year of a long pause, both physically and mentally. Speaking of which, it was also a great year of celestial delight, to gaze at the stars and observe the moon cycle, which urges us to grow and bloom into our true selves.

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That being said, even though the world came to a pause and confined us to the walls of our home, the earth continued on its trip around the sun. And so, if you happen to miss this astronomical feast, you can catch them in the video below and even if you didn’t, it’s good to be nostalgic, astronomically, once in a while.

From Super Worm Moon to meteor showers, we present to you the 10 astronomical events of the year 2020.

Image credits: Unsplash

Sources: CN Traveller, Accuweather, Smithsonian magazine

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