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Wally Dally Is 25-Years-Old And Already Owns Two Investment Properties: Learn More About This Entrepreneur From California


Wally Dally was preparing himself to be the businessman he is today from a very young age. At the age of 16, Wally began his journey in the business world by managing Giuseppe’s Pizza located in Imperial Beach, San Diego, California. Today, at the age of 25, he has two investment properties.

“Giuseppe’s Pizza was definitely the beginning of my entrepreneurial mindset.” Wally shares. “After running that place for almost a year, we as a family decided to close it down and everyone went their separate ways. With the experience I gained from managing this pizza joint, I was hired at Macy’s La Mesa on the spot in October of 2013. I was a top performer throughout the year when it came to credit application goals, sales goals, and department goals. I made sure to strive as a top performer each quarter to make sure I reach and surpass my goals!”

During his time at Macy’s, Wally was working towards his Associate’s degree in Business Administration from San Diego Miramar College. He decided to focus on school until July 2017.

“In July 2017, I turned 22 and bought a small business, Rancho Market and Liquor, for my family and myself. This was definitely the moment I realized I was a true entrepreneur, as I was in charge of this business and all the factors that kept it afloat. I became the accountant, the marketer, and the manager of this small business. Basically, I wore all the hats to operate this business.” Wally adds.

After getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from San Diego State University in December 2018, Wally was still working at IKEA San Diego as a space planning specialist. At the same time and with the support of his family he was improving the Rancho Market and Liquor business.

“With the support of my family, the business improved day by day. I also hired a full-time cashier and the business was doing very well. I also used my creativity to come up with promotions that would catch the attention of people driving or passing by. After three years of success in the small business, it was time to sell it to my competitor who was less than 100 feet away from my business. I sold the business at a huge profit in January 2020, just before the pandemic started.” Wally recounts.

By 2020, Wally had started working for Bank of the West in a 9am to 5pm job. In July of that year, with the profits from the sale of the liquor store, he was able to buy his first investment property and leave his job.

“Today, I am an entrepreneur, which means I work on commission on a daily basis. I have two investment properties under my belt at 25 years old and I am planning to buy another investment property later this year.” Wally states.

Wally was also inspired to get into the real estate industry after working with a realtor he hired for his own investments. Being a client in the real estate industry drove him to get involved.

“The realtor I hired for my investments told me, ‘Wally, you’ve been doing most of my work, why don’t you go into real estate as a career, you have the personality for it.’ I definitely took her advice and here I am.”

Through it all, Wally’s motivation is his family; that is his purpose and his WHY. In particular, his three siblings Wanda, William and Wilson. He feels like they are his children because he is the eldest and their role model.

For 2021, Wally wants to help at least 24 families as a real estate professional. He also would like to buy his third investment property by the end of the year. And lastly, he wants to go car shopping. Throughout the year, he will continue to put his clients first and share content on his social media about real estate, such as through YouTube with Wally Dally – All Things Real Estate.

“I differentiate myself from the competition by asking my clients better questions that are more insightful than anything they have heard.  I make sure that I am always proactive, not only in my mind but also in my actions with my clients. Above all, I allow my personality to come through in a way that demonstrates commitment and passion to serve them.”

Find more information about Wally here.

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