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Why should I vote?


your-voteWith lights dwindling for the entire economy, everyone looks forward to the General elections happening in Jan 2014. Even if you are not a political nerd,  overhearing conversations in metros or even your college corridors, this thought might hit a note with you. And when you hear questions being asked about NaMo which lead to continuous giggles in an unrelated economic talk , you might wanna give it a thought.

Why are these elections so important ? And majorly, why should I vote? Simply said and widely heard , “Its your country , it’s your responsibility to choose the leaders.” Also, blatantly ignored! Tata tea ads (Jago re!) might charge us up for a moment, but when it comes to really acting upon the thought, we retrieve before fighting. Having said about our complacent nature when it comes to our country politics, we all know its a “dirty game” and anybody brought into power “might” play into the hands of the party goons (Mr. PM seems to be a live example). But still why I urge you to vote? Lets dig deep!

Everyday you pick up the newspaper and churn through it to hear criticisms of the govt, justice failures, rapes, murders of activists, and enlightening thoughts of editors. But does it change the world? Anyone who’s watched Madras Cafe can probably relate to the statement that “solution of every issue is politicised”. Simply the point being, that whatever move you make, politics has the power to steer it in the right/wrong direction.  If I can’t go to study abroad, because of the failure of my govt to control rupee depreciation effectively, why shouldn’t I be angry? I’m paying my taxes still! And fulfilling all my civic duties! (As you know, being a student also, you pay all taxes, service tax, sales tax etc). And if I am left helpless to reconsider my options, shouldn’t I lash out at the failed govt?

So what is the way to lash out ? Once a politician said, “only vote banks matter for us”. Well your answer is right there! This example may/may not be taken in a strictly literal manner, it is just to tell you, no matter what you are, you are unduly affected.

Something else you might like to know. 75% of people who vote are illiterate voters, who form the vote bank through cheap tricks by parties, by promises made in the name of rights, livelihood and prosperity. And the youth forms more than 50% of the voters in the entire country. SO now you know, the govt. which failed was selected by a person lured into false promises and your life is being run by goons brought into power by some influenced-helpless-un-informed citizens when you ignored to take any charge AND still you blame the government.

I’m just saying , I know everyone is sick and tired of the system, of dirty politics, but when you don’t even use the power given to you, individually by your constitution, when you don’t even’ try’ to save your foreign education slightly, how can you relentlessly complain? The key is to try!  And note, you are still a part of the system where even if you don’t try you bear the brunt. I’m not saying you have a great pool of choices to make for your leaders, but I’m saying atleast you’ll be able to make a better unbiased choice than those poor ones who are lured into biased and uninformed choices. And making a decision is not so hard either, a discussion with your peers or simple everyday news might make your vision a bit more clear.

In the end, this article is not to make you sympathetic about the state of affairs in your country or the poor people, we know it might or not matter to each, but we know we all are selfish individuals fulfilling our own selfish interests (which is completely fair and honest!). Only if you feel somewhere your government has failed you and it impacts your life/education/job/household, and you want to take an action, don’t miss this opportunity! It might not solve all the problems, but you’ve got to make use of what you have before you blame someone else for the choices they made for you.

Think about it.

P.S: I just read an ad saying: Voting is more comfortable than water cannons, batons and jail.


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