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Visit South Delhi, Satisfy Your Taste Buds



Everybody, who has been to Delhi has definitely gone for shopping in Delhi markets. From the high end top designer dresses to street funky tees and pyjamas, Delhi has it all. One could go shopping from North to South, East to West and the day will end (or the cash flow)!

But what if you have a hectic schedule and can’t roam over all the places? South Delhi is the answer. The one stop shopping hub for all your needs, in all the price ranges.


And it is such a hectic job that you are bound to get hungry. After Shopping, the near by food stalls or famous food restaurants makes the day complete.


From my own experience, I can say there are some places that South Delhi offers. Here goes:


  1. Sarojini Nagar

You can’t miss this if you have a sweet tooth! The mouthwatering hot Jalebis at Mahendra Sweets, Babu Market. It is the first shop, bet you can’t miss it! They also have a wide variety of Indian and Western snacks.

Another taste bud satisfying as well as pocket friendly option is the Dal Pakoras at the end of Sabzi market or the Export Surplus lane. Served with fresh raddish and green chilly chutney, you would have never tasted either of these things in their real form.



  1. South Extension

This is the place of big showrooms and coaching centres. Weird combination, yes! This is one of the posh market places in Delhi. There are good restaurant alternatives to choose from like Dum Affairs, Moti Mahal etc etc.

In winters do not forget to try the warm roasted corn, topped with special spice and lemon juice. Lip smacking!



  1. Malviya Nagar

Now this one is my recent personal favourite!

Love ChocoLava cake? Well everyone does… But I always felt 70 bucks was a little too much for that baby chocolate oozing muffin. Plus they add taxes on that too.


Guess what?! I found this one which is half the price, no taxes and with the same taste sweet surprise. It is available at an old bakery, the only one on the lane.



  1. Green Park

The moment I hear Green Park, the first thing that comes in my mind is Hauz Khas Village, which is a must visit. This is the foodie dream, needless to say more. Here you will find all kinds of restaurants and cuisines. But, make that trip to the Green Park market, for it too has quite a lot to offer.



  1. Saket

It is the big shot malls (like Select City Walk) and the famous PVR Saket place: you can get all the branded stuff, food too. But if you venture a little, there’s one small shop selling patties, sandwiches, burgers just left of PVR Saket. Its Veg Sandwich is a must try. Tasty, tangy and of course light on your pocket.



  1. Sector 8, R.K. Puram

This one is a legacy. The Supreme Bakery has served to generations of families. All that you need for party (except drinks, that is) is here. Cakes, pastries, muffins, patties, sandwiches, chips, pizza and it goes on and on and on.

One special recommendation: There is a Golgappa stand around the bakery. Do go there definitely!



I think I should stop here or else I won’t be able to control my hunger. And if your mouth is also watering then make sure you make that trip to South Delhi really soon!


By Nikhil Gautam



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