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So, I was in the Pink City last weekend and happened to discover this really economical resort called Kanchan Kesari. Here’s a hands-on experience of the place while I try to convince you that it was one of the most economical options.

How To Reach

This economical resort called Kanchan Kesari Village Resort is located on Mahapura Mod on Jaipur-Ajmer Road just a few miles short of the Toll Tax booth. The best option to reach here would be by your own vehicle or a maybe a cab.


This has to be one very economical resort in Jaipur. The likes of it charge way more than what it does.

economical resort
As soon as you reach and enter the gates, you’ll find someone dressed in proper Rajasthani attire on the ticket counter.

The entry ticket is 370 bucks for adults and 230 bucks for kids in evenings and 100 bucks during daytime. They have two cuisine specialisation: Punjabi and Rajasthani and hourly slots for them.

So be sure to book tickets in time ‘cuz the earlier slots usually sell out quick. Also, you have to decide what cuisine you’d like to have at the ticket counter itself. They also display the menu at the counter to make it easier for you to decide.

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If you’re looking for a good Rajasthani meal and a peak into the Rajasthani culture, this place should totally be your pick.
From genuine mouthwatering Rajasthani cuisine, properly served in a thali on a bajot (a type of short table/stool) to Kalbelia performance and folk music, Kanchan Kesari has it all.
They even had a little kid doing magic tricks to please the crowd and Katputli show going on in a corner. They also had recreational activities like boating, horse riding, camel riding, balloon shooting, ring games, DJ etc.
Talking about food, they served Bajri ki Roti, Kadi, Dal, Kachre ki Sabji, Sangri ki Sabzi, Panchmel Saag, Kheechda and a lot more varieties o which I am forgetting names. For me, the highlight was definitely Makhan and Shahi Tukda.
If you’re looking for an economical resort to celebrate or just spend a weekend to chill, Kanchan Kesari should be your pick. Although I didn’t stay overnight at the resort, I did take a look around and found it to be really pretty.
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So it’s going to be Pink City next weekend, isn’t it?

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